How much time do you spend at work? Four times the amount of time you spend with your family, friends and other loved ones.
Almost half of your day is spent at work. The average employee spends almost 40% of their total living hours at work. That’s a lot of time!

According to a Gallup’s survey, 67% of workers are miserable and unengaged; the reason for this, working for a bad boss or bad manager!

7 Signs That Indicate it’s Time to Fire Your Boss.

1. Your Boss is a ”Positional Leader”


If he values the position or paperwork more than the people, your boss is “Positional leader.” A “because I said so” boss is usually self-serving, authoritative and positionally conscious. By cause of him controlling the people with power and position, when you follow him, you do it because you have to, not because you want to.

To confirm: Ask yourself, “If my boss had no position and no authority or title “Boss” – would I still follow him?”

If you answered, “No!” It’s time to fire him!


2. Your Boss Does Not Add Value


When he doesn’t feel responsible for growing himself or his team.

If he doesn’t read any books or attend any seminars. If he does not have a personal development strategy, he is coasting the organisation and not growing. Leaders are readers, the day you stop reading is the day you stop growing.

To confirm: Ask yourself, “Is my boss intentionally developing me and encouraging me to go to the next level?”

If you answered, “No!” It’s time to fire him!


3. Your Boss Thinks You His Puppet


If he gives orders instead of assistance.

When he wants to look good instead of helping you look good or lets the team shine.
If he focuses on taking credit instead of giving credit. When he blames you or the team while avoiding responsibility. If he thinks “me” instead of “we.”

To confirm: Ask yourself, “Do I feel that my boss is there to support me?”

If you answered, “No!” It’s time to fire him!


4. Your Boss Treats You as an Object, not as a Person


When he does not want to develop a relationship with you.

If he is not concerned with your personal problems or that of the team. When he is not interested in who you are and what you know. If he is not interested in your dreams and goals.
When he is only concerned with you doing your job.

To confirm: Ask yourself, “Is my boss interested in anything besides my ability to get the job done?”

If you answered, “No!” It’s time to fire him!


5. Your Boss is Not Relational


If he as your boss is not a people’s person or he is unfriendly.

If he is only nice to those he thinks can help him. When he walks past people without speaking or acknowledging them or enters an office and does not greet. If he seldom, if ever, shows gratitude. If he rarely initiates a personal conversation.
Nobody likes a person who does not like other people.

To confirm: Ask yourself, “Does my boss talk to me when it’s not required?”

If you answered, “No!” It’s time to fire him!


6. Your Boss Does not Ask for Feedback


If he makes all the decisions instead of facilitating decisions.
When he is not interested in your opinion. If he does not care or value what you think. When he listens with the intent to reply, not with intent to learn or hear. If he thinks he already has all the answers figured out. When he thinks he is always right.

To confirm: Ask yourself, “Does my boss regularly ask for my opinion and encourage my feedback?”

If you answered, “No!” It’s time to fire him!


7. Your Boss is Rude


When he makes you feel bad.

If he doesn’t care how he makes you feel. When he is too busy to be nice or too busy to show an interest. When he seldom speaks unless there is a problem or needs to give you direction. You may not remember what people last said or what they last did, but you always remember how people made you feel.

To confirm: Ask yourself, “Does my boss make me feel good while I’m at work?”

If you answered, “No!” It’s time to fire him!


Remember, your boss doesn’t decide how many options you have, you do!

Often people think they are at the mercy of their boss.  A controlling boss can only control you at work. What you do after work is up to you. So either quit! Or if you can’t quit, don’t blame your boss. It’s not his fault, it’s your fault.

Remember the words of Jimmy Collins:


“If you cannot stand your boss, you really should stop showing up at work day after day and doing nothing about the situation. My advice is always the same. Do one of two things: either get on board and support the boss or fire him. Yes, that’s right. One of the options is to fire the boss!”

For many people firing their boss isn’t optional. They would rather continue being in a miserable situation and tolerate how he hinders the growth of people as well as their organisation, than taking action to improve their situation.


“If you do what is easy, your life will be hard. But if you do what is hard, your life will be easy.” ~ Les Brown


It’s much easier for most people to work for a nasty boss than to fire him and get a new one. But you can get your boss fired, it has been done.


“People who look down on people don’t deserve to be looked up to. You deserve better.”

If you have answered NO to any one of these questions, that means you are in a situation that is not healthy and promising for you personally or professionally.

“No,” to any questions also indicates that your boss is not interested in building trust, neither does he have your best interests in mind.

When we’re at work, we should feel motivated not manipulated, cared about, not talked about.


So how do you feel right now about your boss and workplace?