…“Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” How then can they call on the One in whom they have not believed? And how can they believe in the One of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone to preach? And how can they preach unless they are sent? Romans 10: 13

We honour and bless you for your keen financial stewardship in not forsaking your tithes and offerings. In unstable times, we draw supernatural stability in our financial fidelity to the Kingdom.



Your Giving has made it possible for LOGOS Live to reach 15 958 people in 45 countries around the world, through Facebook in November 2020 alone! And many more have been reached through other platforms (YouTube, Instagram, Whatsapp). Glory to God!

It will bless you to know that LOGOS Live’s highest viewership is currently from a country that has been known to be very hostile to the Gospel, Pakistan! The second highest viewership is India. There are many Muslim countries such as Iraq, Egypt, Qatar, Bahrain, the gospel is being sent to Muslims and Pakistans in ways we never imagined possible. Our God is greatly to be praised! Moreover, countries from all around the world – USA, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia are being reached.

LOGOS Live has been able to sow a generous cheque of R7 000 and over R3 000 in kind, to the Women’s Shelter we collaborate with, Mercy House.

Apart from the day-to-day running of the Church, the office, the monthly gatherings, your giving is reaching more souls than in the history of the ministry. The enemy planned to shut the Church down with a pandemic, but the Church is arising, bolder and brighter than before. Let God arise and His enemies be scattered!


  • We have 150 children to care for in the children’s shelter. Adopt a child’s gift for only R250. Ref: Shelter+Name
  • Dr Shan & Ps Rey have generously run the studio from their own personal space. Let’s help them build a much-needed studio. We have seen time and time again that every time we finance the work of God, the holes in our pockets are sealed and overflow comes
  • As lockdown levels will allow, monthly meetings will continue, and the vision is to see these meetings become revival crusades in many communities.