To His Excellency, Mr President M. C. Ramaphosa

It would have been appropriate to write privately, but understandably citizens do not have the direct details, so please excuse this attempt to write over social media addressing his excellency.

Mr President, South Africa does not have a xenophobic, crime, gender inequality or a femicide problem. Sitting at the source of our countries dilemma and longstanding unrest is another failed government. Firstly the apartheid government and now the ANC government.

Mr President, the bloodshed of the countless innocent, the looting from the hard-working, including our foreign nationals, the violation of our women and children's rights broil in the heart of our countries political self-interest attitude.

The results are evident in the lack of security, a regressed economy, inadequate service delivery, myopic decision-making processors, vested interest of specialised groups, state-capture of agriculture, telecommunications, transport, high-income taxation, and now the health services, et cetera. Reading into the South African crisis, these are some of the root factors of our people's unhappiness, now being smoke screened behind xenophobia, femicide, criminality, et cetera. This is a leadership blind spot.

Mr President perhaps what South Africa needs is not another parliamentary explanation. Instead, we seek decisive, present and responsible leadership from his excellency firstly.

Our nation's majority has put their trust in his excellency to lead our country, and to shepherd our people into greener pastures. Instead, all we see is a burning and blood-stained land. We are most concerned that your excellence has given us no hope of a better tomorrow, yet?

Mr President, above all, God has entrusted you, sir, for a time such as this. Please, Mr President, do the right thing;

1. Bring back the death penalty – a symbolic statement that we value life and human dignity
2. Instead of land reform, leadership reform is more critical – who is being groomed in the leadership pipeline that is unstained, fresh and honest?
3. Promptly trail to jail every corrupt former or current politician and then work way down to the municipality
level- "Crime does not pay" must be a motto adopted for such a time
4. Protect our borders – Care for the nations needs first and find other ways to help our neighbours
5. Disregard the nationalising of the healthcare bill – we are nowhere near ready for this
6. Review the BBBEE Act – we need the skilled as part of the process of empowering the formally disadvantaged.  Losing our skills to other nations is senseless
7. Return this country to Biblical-based policies – it will heal the decayed moral climate and God will forgive the
bloodshed and heal our land

Mr honourable President, inclosing we can only consider a fraction of the burden his excellency have to carry until one walks in Mr President's shoes. We pray, therefore, that, God strengthens the President and protects all those dear to you.

Still, Mr honourable President, if his excellency remains silent at this time, relieve and deliverance for our nation will come from someone else (Esther 4:14).

Your excellency, Mr President, we are not black or white, we are south AFRICANS. Please do the right thing?

Shan Thumbran

The Presidency of the Republic of South Africa