Imagine being armed with the knowledge to guide you when the person you’re dating says,”Will you marry me?” or “Let’s get engaged?”

This is what “dating readiness” is all about!

Here’s something else you may want to think through.

We’ve built successful businesses, written best-selling novels, summited mountains and given strangers accurate directions, yet, when we come face-to-face with someone attractive, somehow our minds go jelly on us.

Why is that?


I wish I could give you a straightforward answer—I can’t. There isn’t one! When it comes to people, it’s not like computer programming; it’s never clear-cut! Putting a person on Mars is easier than building a successful romantic relationship.

But if you are tired of going from one romantic catastrophe to another?

If are you keen to learn ways of cultivating your current relationship?

If getting the relational game right is important for you?

Then my New Book; Dating Readiness -What Nobody’s Told You — is for you!

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