Since the Garden of Eden, a woman’s power over men has not lessened. Today, the advertising industry exploits this power in order to sell everything from cars to jets. Magazines, billboards, store windows and the internet use women… seductive women, and sensual images to possess a man’s undersense and clutch his attention.

Every day men walk away from their wives, children, friends, parents, siblings—risking career and reputation. For what? Another woman!

A woman is so powerfully created, so remarkably influential, God’s credendum to tame her was submission – to her husband.

Consider the power of Delilah. Samson whom she seduced could take on an army of warriors, but he surrendered to the charms of one woman.

Take King David who faced and neutralised Goliath, a giant; yet was conquered by Bathsheba. David was so obsessed, he was drawn away from his God into immorality, lies and ultimately murder.

Consider Solomon who ruled over the golden years of Israel, the wisest of all, but fell under the spell of the power of women.
God made a woman deadly attractive and at the same time death was not the Designers’ original purpose for this fascinating and enchanting creature. She was designed to give life! For example, the name Eve means ‘life giver’.


Feminity is the power to give life not to destroy it.


Eve was created to complete Adam, to nurture life in him and to create new life with him through the birthing of children.

Many wives do not understand how profound this power is. God has blessed you with a feminine ability to influence your husband’s life for the greater good.
Man was incomplete. God orchestrated the perfect arrangement for His grand finale of creation: a woman – “a suitable and compatible helper for him.” It is still true since “in the beginning” in Genesis, a wife makes a man complete and whole.



Your husband has this same need.


God brought you into his life to be his “helper” and to meet his companionship need. In Christian marriage, this oneness is a unity of mind, body and soul,which is celebrated through the sexual union.

Never allow yourself to feel somehow superior or unneeded. You are your husband’s most trusted advisor and greatest ally.



Adam’s ‘aloneness need’ was not just for companionship, but sexship.


When God made a man to be attracted to a woman, He had multiple purposes in mind.

He needed Eve for the joy of finding pleasure in her total person—body, soul and spirit—and for the affirmation and blessing of his identity as a man that came through her love for him.

Every wife has a deep, life-altering responsibility to her husband to be a helper, and to help him feel like the man God created him to be because without her, the man is incomplete and incompetent on his own in the quest to fulfil God’s purpose for them.


In honour of this remarkable and beautiful creature whom God created to be man’s help meet, I declare you are amazing, you are beautifully built, you are soft, gentle, and your emotional intelligence is a great asset to a man.

You are the spiritual symbolism of God’s relationship with his people, where your submission and dependence upon your husband is symbolic of the submission and dependence that God wants his people to show toward him.


You are celebrated today – Happy Mother’s Day