Your ability decides your responsibility. Higher duties always correlate to higher capacity. The more you learn, the more opportunities you create. Personal development works hand in hand with opportunity your create.
The law of success dictates,  “first within than without.” Wealth creation works in proportion to the value you add, which works in proportion to your capacity.

Character Enlists, Ability Assigns   

God enlists man according to Character and assigns them according to ability.
Have a look at this example in Matthew 25:15
“To one he gave five bags of gold, to another two bags, and to another one bag, each according to his ABILITY.”
It has for men like; Abraham, Isaac, Joseph, David, Solomon,  Daniel etc…
Charles Kettering of General Motors once said,
“I tell my people that I don’t want any fellow who has a job working for me; what I want is a fellow whom the job has. And I want the job to get a hold of this young man so hard that no matter where he is; the job has got him for keeps. I want that job to have him in its clutches when he goes to bed at night, and in the morning I want that job to be sitting at the foot of the bed telling him, ‘It’s time to get up and go to work!’ And when a job gets a fellow that way, he’s sure to amount to something.”
Mr. Kettering was insistent in investing a multimillion-dollar powerhouse, in a man who would invest in himself.
Are you this person?  Personal development works hand in hand with opportunity your create.

Your Mental Output outweighs Your Biological Origin.

People could careless of your biological origin if you are the person who “delivers the goods.”
The essence of success is pinned one “quality.”
The quality of your work is the deciding factor on how much your services or goods are valued by the world.
Consider Joseph and Daniel in the Bible, both of them outshone in places hostile to their origin and culture.   Personal development is extending your base to increase your height and expand your exposure.
Mrs. Oprah Winfrey once said,
“Excellence is the best deterrent to racism or sexism.”
If you desire to increase in wealth, or in influence,  then increase your knowledge base (in the area of your work). Increase the quality of products and services that you offer others.
Be the king in your field.
Give each assignment your utmost for my highest.
Then you will increase in wealth.

Wealth creation is a distinct, God-given ability, in the same way, that speech is a God-given ability. “But remember the LORD your God, for it is he who gives you the “ability” to produce wealth, and so confirms His Covenant, which he swore to your forefathers, as it is today” (Deuteronomy 8:18, NIV).




Why would God give us the “ability,” to produce wealth, if He did not want us to have wealth?

This word “ability” is related to the same word Hebrew word “made,” or ‘produced,’  found in Genesis 1:7,16,25. Which describes how God produced or made the expanse between the waters and how He made the sun, moon and stars and all the creatures.
In the same way that God went to the waters and created the sky and other amazing creatures, man has the ability to go to the earth’s resources to create wealth! What a concept! (See my book Wealth for Dominion, page 104)
Let me talk to you today about  God’s  Power (ability) in you to get wealth according to Deuteronomy 8:-18.
Please understand something important. According to this verse,  the realm of abundance without measure is the inheritance and destiny of God’s people and this can be attained by means of the ability to get wealth.



1. The ability to get wealth is the power to subdue poverty


  • The power to get wealth breaks the yoke of generational poverty over your bloodline.

2. The ability to get wealth is the innate power to generate or produce increase

  • The power to get wealth is the fertilizer of financial favor upon your life.

3. The ability to get wealth is the innovative power to set in motion dormant potentials   

  • The ability to get wealth is the ability to tap into untapped resources, ideas and discoveries.

4. The ability to get wealth is the power to attract what other people struggle to get supplies, resources or opportunities

  • The ability to get wealth is the power to get; supplies, resources or opportunities others only dream of having.

5. The ability to get wealth is the ability to access wisdom

  • The power to access wealth is to know where your wealth is and to know what to do to access it, multiply it and defend it.


When you have the power to get wealth, you will see treasure in the midst of trash and abundance in abandoned things. The ability to get wealth is not the ability to work hard. Yes, work is the ticket (Deut 28:12,) but, if it is work alone that brings us wealth than, God is not needed in our lives and businesses.


  • The supernatural -the uncommon ability of God is changing every ordinary financial situation in your life right now, (2 Cor 9:8).

  • No global economic famine will come near your dwelling and family (Psalm 91:10).

  • Every curse of financial struggle is ending in your life today (Galatians 3:13).

  • Poverty and your bloodline will not occupy the same residence  (Psalm 105:34). 

  • Every divine assignment upon your life will be executed without any financial struggles (2 Cor 9:8). 

  • As from now,  you will be scaling new heights, moving into greater dimensions of generosity, seeding and kingdom expansion, along with nation impact  (Deut 28:3).