Most do not recognize how they can bestow great favour upon their lives through soul winning (see my note on The Benefits of Soul-Winning). Leading people to Christ is the most profitable business on earth (Prov 11:30, John 2:16).  



The first thing Andrew did was to find his brother and tell him, "We have found the Messiah!"  Andrew brought his brother to Jesus.

(John 1:41-42 CEV)

Do you realize a person does not have to be a great preacher to be an effective souls winner? (Yet soul winning is every believer's responsibility.)   We are not told that Andrew ever preached a sermon –- but he led Peter his brother to Christ. Peter preached many sermons, but there would have been one sermon from him had it not been for the faithful, personal soul-winning of Andrew.


Andrew is an example of a successful soul-winner, and there are three aspects of the soul winning I wish to present to you. 



What is the task of the soul-winner?

Verse 41 tells us –- “" The first thing Andrew did was to find his brother……"”  Each word in this sentence is important:


  1. 1. Notice the word ““first””             

There is no doubt that he won many others to the Lord after he himself became a Christian, but first he thought of and successfully won his own brother. Immediately he found Christ he became concerned that someone else should find Him, and that is exactly how it should be. When we are born again the impulse to win someone else is born within us, and we should nurture this impulse and see to it that soul-winning is always regarded by us as a matter of first importance.


  1. 2. Notice the word ““find””               

We do not know how far Andrew needed to search for Peter, but we do know that those whom the Lord would have us “find” are “lost”, and for this reason they need to be “sought” –- look up Luke 15:4-6. Do we realise that all the people around us who are without Christ are lost? Once this fact really grips us then we shall feel that the most important thing in the world is to introduce them to the One who alone can save them –- see  Acts 4:12.


  1. 3. Then, Andrew first found ““his brother””.     

It is very significant that the record says ““his brother”” –- not someone else's! It is often much easier to speak to someone else’’s brother, but let us first be concerned for those for whose salvation we are first responsible, namely, the members of our own family circle. Do you have loved ones who are not Christians? Are you doing anything to bring them to the Lord Jesus?

When Andrew had given his testimony to Peter his work was not finished. There was still one thing he needed to do. We call it:

    Sow a seed for any amount. It enables me to continue writing. God bless you!    



The soul-winner’s invitation is an important aspect of this prophetic season for us all at LOGOS. As indicated in verse 42: “”And he brought him to Jesus.””

He did not tell him to come to Christ: He led him to the Lord or he brought him to Church and made the introduction.

  • We believe in the 'Andrew Principle' where every believer brings someone to church, and Christ through the power of the Word and Spirit gets such individuals saved – see John 6:37
  • We believe that engaging the second and third Sunday of every month as "Operation Andrew Sunday", where every member shall be expected to prayerfully come along with an invite, especially an unbeliever, a backslidden Christian or a challenged believer that requires divine intervention. This endeavor shall keep the Church on the path of increase and multiplication as in the acts of the apostles – See John 1:35-42 / Acts 6:7.



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