In an interview with an anchor News channel, Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng blades back into the popular flawed notion —Faith and Politics are incompatible.

“Where do you get this thing of separating my Judicial responsibilities from my Christian believes?” “The last time I checked the constitution, it lists among the freedom of the fundamental right of religion… and talks about God, to protect us… our national Anthem also alludes to the need for God…” WOW!


Here are four things the Five-Fold could learn from our Chief Justice;  

 1. STOP believing in the fairytale that Politics and Faith are incompatible 

  • The emergence of a liberal democracy poses the biggest threat to objective morality, which anchors our nation in values, which subscribes to a code of consequences for actions good or bad. 

2. A KINGDOM theology relates to biblical ethics in relationship to public affairs or social matters.

  •  Pastors (5 Fold) who continue to fear standing on their biblical grounds, empowers things such as; racial inequality, abortion, same-sex marriage, farm killing, political leadership catastrophe, corrupt agendas, all the antecedent of state failure and moral decay.  

3. “Your Best Life Now” Theology, is incomplete if we fail to show how a thousand other philosophical, and ethical issues are connected to Christ and Him crucified. 

  • It has come to a point in Church history, were praying and prophesying over the same people, and for the same problems can no longer be a priority on the agenda that marks what our Sunday services or social media platforms are all about only.    
  • The Kingdom (King —ruler, Dom —rule or domain) of God ontologically is political. Israel was governed by civil laws not only ceremonial laws. If we say, Church and state should be separate than we should also separate the Bible from the Church.  

4.Teaching good citizenship is a Christian value. 

  • Hence the first duty of the parent and CHURCH, not the state.
  • The 5 Fold authority must become fiercely politically relevant, as ministers, we must recognize and teach our flocks how to translate Biblical truth into arguments appropriate to temporal powers and social predicaments.

On a personal note, hearing the CJ, speak today, was extraordinary refreshing and reassuring. His Holy Spirit led boldness is praiseworthy, but what was more impressive was his ability to contextualise his faith into social predicaments with irrefutable wisdom.

May the LORD bless our Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng, may the LORD cause His face to shine upon him and be gracious to him; may the LORD lift His countenance toward him and give him peace.

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