Loyalty is essential for organizational and relational success. But loyalty is a two-way street. It works both ways, top-down and bottom-up. For you to benefit from what I call  The Reciprocal Success Effect…  pledging your loyalty to an organization or a relationship must be done correctly.

Do you have a desire…

to demonstrate your loyalty and seek favor from your seniors -for professional advancement -but not certain how to without seeming “fake”?

I wrote this blog, with that in my mind.

For the leader who desires to gain deeper insight in this decisive success virtue or the follower who’s aim is to become the future leader, My hope is that the seven revelations of loyalty add value to your life.



The Seven Revelations of Loyalty


#1. Transparency!

Are The Leaders and The Organisation Transparent?


You will never become loyal until you are fully persuaded about your leader, friends or organisation.

This means transparency is vital!  An organisation or relationship that’s not open about their stuff, (vision, ethos, finances…,) especially during crises, this usually indicates, something is up.

Integrity never hides or goes silent during periods of doubt and uncertainty.


Loyalty Demands that You be Fully Persuaded.




#2. Predominant Loyalty!

Loyalty Must Always Be To The Higher Authority


The larger your organisation grows, the more ‘authority figures’ you need to submit to.

For instance, as CEO of our ministry, I have two executives (finance and operation) under me. They have 11 Heads of Department under them, who each have one team leader and a trainee or two under them. In total, we are about one hundred leaders.

Often leaders confuse and take what I call Predominant Loyalty and direct it towards the wrong person/s.  Unless there is a serious integrity issue that threatens the stability of the organisation and its future, your Predominant Loyalty does NOT belong to your team or team leader or his leader, but to the visionary – The most senior leader in your organisation.Brutus is engraved into the monument of history for diverting predominant loyalty.

Brutus the name is engraved on the monument of history for diverting predominant loyalty.

I have seen over the years, leaders who end up in resentment, bitterness or offence how they have crafted stories to destroy predominate Loyalty towards the visionary in their subordinates.


Loyal must always remain to the higher authority.




#3. Clarity!

Never Withhold or Distort Information


Remain transparent before your team and open to your seniors at all times. Withholding information regarding anything that can harm the vision or relationship is considered sabotage through dishonesty and betrayal.

Withholding information regarding anything that can harm the vision or relationship is considered sabotage through dishonesty and betrayal.

Grievances must be resolved in its infant stage. If not, it will erupt into something unpleasant and costly.
If you cannot effectively deal with a grievance and you know it could harm the organisation, NEVER neglect it. Escalate it to your direct report Timeously and CLEARLY then follow it up.




Loyalty Demands Tranparancy

#4. Principles!

Loyalty is Based on Principle, Not Emotion


Decisions based on emotion and not principle are always bizarre and capricious!

Be weary of “tantrum throwers,” “attention seekers,” “drama queens and kings.” Such are spiritually and emotionally immature and threaten organisational stability and growth. Never neglect these ‘crying babies’, confront them and help them to heal or exit.



Loyalty is Based on Principle, Never Emotion.




#5. Sacrifice!

Loyalty Will Cost You Because Everything Has a Price


Everything has a price.

You’ll feel one of two things when people exist your life: pain or pleasure. When you love people and desire only what’s best for them, and they exit your life or organisation on the wrong terms, this experience can get you all torn apart.

On the other hand,  learning to accept a disloyal person’s exit is necessary for your protection and future success, and eventually acceptance solicitudes the pain.



#6. Comfort!

Loyalty will Cost You Physical Things


Have you ever wondered why a CEO would just “walk away from it all?” INTEGRITY!
The highest degree of loyalty is what I call “Self Loyalty.” If you can’t respect yourself, you will not respect others.   You can lie to everyone all the time, but you can’t lie to yourself at any time.

I’ve noticed over time as I studied the mannerisms of loyal people, who walked away from it all, compared to treacherous people who ‘resign with immediate effect.’

The difference is, disloyal people never leave silently, like Lucifer, who took one-third of the angels with them, their departure must cause some kind of damage, to satisfy their vindictive motives.    Even long after they’ve left, they continue to broadcast damaging information about the organisation and its leaders.

On the other hand, a loyal person who operates in integrity may walk away from an organisation, but the difference is, he would NEVER  slander it leadership (especially over social platforms,) even if they are in the wrong.

Think about it? Which ethical organisation would not want to hire and work with a leader like this?


Disloyalty is Professional Suicide


#7. Testing!

Until You Are Tested You Will Never Know


No person is found loyal until they have been sufficiently tested. The Character of a Leader is more superior than the talent of a leader, the knowledge of a leader, the experience of a leader,  the skill of a leader

It’s unwise to get carried away by a person’s gift, title or stature without TESTING their character first.

A mistake I’ve made that cost me and my teams tremendous pain and loss of organisational momentum.

Test every vessel before you use them.


Loyalty is tested through three ways: Time, Trials and Testing of Heart




Loyalty is a reciprocal success factor.  You must learn this life skill to protect the things that are dear to your heart.