This workshop is for managers, executives, and team leaders. Servant leadership shows how strategic leaders can boost their employee’s confidence and further their success at the same time.

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Strategic  leaders who want to:


  1. Ensure growth and success and the development of their teams
  2. Ensure the overall growth of the company   




Leadership Practices


Democratic Leadership Style

Leading by Example

Path-Goal Theory

Share the Power


Being Empathetic

Learn to Delegate

Their Success is Your Success

Know When to Step In

Characteristics of a Servant Leader


Listening Skills

Persuasive Powers

Recognizes Opportunities

Relates to Employees

Barriers to Servant Leadership

Excessive Criticism

Doing Everything Yourself

Sitting on the Sidelines

Demanding from Employees

Building a Team Community

Identify the Group Needs

Complement Member Skills

Create Group Goals

Encourage Communication

Be a Motivator

Make it Challenging

Provide Resources

Ask for Employee Input

Offer Incentives


Be a Mentor


Establish Goals

Know When to Praise or Criticize

Create a Supportive Environment

Create an Open Door Policy



Training Future Leaders


Offer Guidance and Advice

Identify Their Skill Sets

Methods of Feedback

Establish Long-Term Goals



Keep a Journal

Identify Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Identify Your Needs

Creating Your Own Goals


  • 12 Workshop Hours (2 days)
  • John Maxwell Trainer
  • Certified Executive Coach (University of Cape Town)
  • High-Quality Powerpoints
  • Participating Workbooks



  • R15 000.00 per day (less than 9 delegates)
  • R1 899.00 per delegate (10 or more delegates)

(This course can also be customized according to the organization’s schedule and preferences).




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