I admire people who fly or own their own jet. The aesthetics of such aircraft make them so attractive. Then there’s the aerodynamics, speed, and convenience factors … owning your own jet certainly puts a whole new perspective on life. But think about it: who climbs into the cockpit of a jet without proper knowledge of the flight instru- ments—airspeed indicator, altimeter, attitude indicator…?

No one!

Would you allow an undergrad to do a coronary bypass on you with- out the knowledge of how to perform a successful surgery?

No, you wouldn’t dare.

Now why would anyone dare date someone without the proper knowledge of dating?

Any wonder why your social media relational status reads; “It’s complicated” Duh!!!

When Tom Cruise jumped up on Oprah’s couch expressing his undying love for Katie Holmes, it sent tremors of elation through the globe. They seemed the ideal couple -never truly happier!

However, to the trained eye something was wrong; (why you need a relational coach hint-hint).

Tom was 46 and Katie, 26—a significant gap in the developmental stages of life.

Guess what? Their marriage lasted ONLY seven years!

PATHETIC! Because this could have been avoided.

In my opinion, Katie may have been caught up in Tom’s power, combined with the heat of chemistry (the “love molecule” -see Dating Readiness Book) and his irresistible public reputation. Who wouldn’t refuse Tom?

I’m sure he’s a great guy. What I’m say- ing—and this is a no-brainer when you commit to a date without the correct knowledge of why you are dating—is that this is regarded as “relational suicide.”




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There’s the right reason and then these the dead fish reason -dating for the wrong!

No matter how trendy or successful you may be, dating for the WRONG reason is not cool!

There are important differences between successful dating and what’s trending culturally.



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