At the beginning of every season, thousands of coaches of athletes and leaders of teams gather to discuss their goals.

A goal matches every moment of your existence to a purpose you would pursue.


“Without revelation people run wild.” – Proverbs 29:18


But what if there were one thing that would improve your team in incredible ways? What if one word could mean the difference between failure and victory?

Goals and planning are intensely shared and diligently detailed down with anticipation and excitement. It’s an experience filled with energy, hope and optimism.

The problem is that after a few defeats, the positive energy and optimism felt at the beginning of the season, or the year, gives way to the reality of the challenge and trials.

What was passionately written down, and shared with enthusiasm are likely to end up lost in the memory of your hard drive or garbage bin.

The problem is, we focus on the results rather than the process.

We develop “Do” goals instead of “Be” goals. It is the “Be” that sustains the “Do.” Many times, we can’t control the result. But we can control our effort, attitude and approach every single time.

So before you start jogging off with your long list of goals and developing strategic plans for your team, it is time to get One Word for your team and let it be a “driving force” that provides focus and clarity.

Get a God-word, not just a good-word! Personally, I felt God say to me, the word for my team for 2017 is, “Upgrade.” Synonymously, God’s saying, “Elevate,”, “Lift,”, “Increase,”, “Promote.”

This, one-word concept, is how I choose to keep myself and my teams motivate and focused, over the next 12 months.

As a leader, the one-word vision is your responsible to receive from God. If you do and share it with your staff, there will be clearer focus, sustained commitment, unprecedented responsibility from everyone on the team. If not, the team will become easily distracted, unproductive, selfish, blame others, and make excuses when things don’t go as planned.

So what is going to be, the one word for, one season for one team?

One Word for the team can become a unifying force, in a divided team.

So at the start of this season, or at the kick-off meeting, do what everyone does, share your goals and strategy, but also do something different. Encourage your team to discover their One Word that will drive them to play harder, care deeply, focus more, and accomplish your goals and plans and even surpasses it!

One Word From God Can Change Your Life!