After executing goals with efficiency, building congenial relationships with customers both internal and external, a leader must be an innovator.

No matter where you go, you will always encounter problems.  Being a great innovator means that you are a great problem solver. You use your creativity and innovative skills to solve old and new problems.

Most people spent more time and energy going around problems than in trying to solve them. 

-Henry Ford


An innovator challenges and changes the way followers lead, work, treat each other and pursue profits.


Here are 5 Key Principles that will Help You:


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  1. Don’t go with the flow

Only dead fish go with the flow. Don’t criticise but challenge the conventional wisdom of political, business and social norms. Innovation is the change that will unlock new value.

You may be curious to know why Japanese fishing ships keep a small shark in their fish tanks?  What the fishing companies found was that because they were having to go further and further from Japan to catch tuna, if they froze the fish, consumers didn’t like the taste.  When they put the tuna fish in the tank, they would become sluggish, which apparently, also affected their taste. The shark, however, would keep the tuna darting around the whole return trip to avoid being eaten.  Always seek ways to stay fresh!



  1. Don’t patch up old worn out systems


Whatever works well today will someday wear out. Even my current iPhone 7, will need replacement. And when I do replace it, the new phone will likely be filled with new apps, new features, new ways to learn and communicate, not just patches on top of an old, worn out system.

If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old.

-Peter Drucker

  1. Don’t talk about change unless you have a spine of steel


Moderate change accomplishes nothing of substance. Real change is hard; therefore it is absolutely necessary to be radical.  It more important to do what’s right for the company and customer than pleasing the boss or some other high-level executive who’s not willing to move forward!



  1. Don’t expect to change unless you are willing to risk your comfort-zone


Radical approaches are seldom safe, certain, or predictable. That is why so few embrace them – but we should! You cannot break out of a comfort zone unless you understand; what needs changing, take action and keep it up!



  1. Don’t expect to invent the future by romanticising about the past


A leader of innovation knows that he cannot reach the unknown until he let goes off what’s’ familiar and safe. Although a leader must honour the past, His goal is to invent the future.

The 21st century flows directly from innovation, not optimisation. It is not gained by perfecting the old or the known, but by imperfectly seizing the unknown.

-Kevin Kelly


Remember, only dead  fish “go with the flow.”


Some of the greatest ideas were conceived by creatively challenging the status quo innovatively.


Be an Innovator!  


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