Successful dating includes more than just improving a practical skill. For example, most people who practice a sport eventually become competent at it. Dating, however, does not work that way. Not at all!

I remember the day I messed up my first French kiss. I managed to bite her tongue! Yet, the more I practiced the more I improved. However, the same cannot be said of dating.

The irony about dating is that frequency does not improve competency.

Much of your happiness in life will depend upon this choice. Either you understand the rules of successful dating and enhance the chances of romantic success, or you continue to gamble with your internal peace.
Going from commitment to commitment and repeating the same painful mistakes only deepens emotional scarring and shapes an unhealthy psychological disposition, which inevitably threatens all other prospects, including marriage.

Stop gambling with your romantic life,

“Either it works” or “it doesn’t work”   is an approach to dating you need not take!

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