Excellence requires intentionality. Quality work and service are uncommon because excellence is not cheap. His legacy withstood the test of time. His wisdom has been spoken about across the centuries. His name was King Solomon. He was an uncommon leader, a man celebrated for many exceptional qualities.

Today I wish to focus only on one aspect of the many of Solomon’s leadership qualities  -Excellence!
The wisest king of his time was also a distinguished man because of his pursuit of excellence. Excellence is the spirit that refuses to settle for the common.
In his biography, the following, among many is written concerning his standards for quality:

“Do you see a man skilled in his work? He will serve before kings; he will not serve before obscure men.” (Proverbs 22:29). 

“Huram (A man Solomon hired)  was filled with wisdom, with understanding and with cunning (skillful)  to do all kinds of bronze work. He came to King Solomon and did all the work assigned to him. (1 Kings 7:14)

Solomon had an unusual appetite for quality, the reason why he hired only the finest talent money could afford -yes you guessed it, he was an uncommon man of excellence.

What is Excellence?


  • Excellence is the factor that makes a man restless and uncomfortable,
  • Excellence is a spirit that refuses to settle with the status quo and ‘what is available,”
  • Excellence is the factor that makes a man restless and uncomfortable,
  • Excellence goes for what it desires and deserves,
  • Excellence is poison of mediocrity and a demolisher of complacency,
  • Excellence is the attainment of the highest level of perfection in anything you do,
  • Excellence is a mindset that will never permit you to do things at a level which others are comfortable with.
Far too many people are contently flocking around the multitudes of mediocrity while attempting to achieve greatness in life -it does not work this way.
Many people live as if excellence is a “gift,” only for the chosen.  This ridiculous sentiment is only a justification to maintain psychological slothfulness.
The spirit of excellence is a crucial requirement for being useful and relevant in the scheme of things. It is what puts you on edge in God’s programme and makes you a formidable force.
Exploits in life have never been a function of a higher educational qualification, popularity, gender, race or geography. It has always been a product of excellence!
If you continue to think, speak and act like everyone else around you, you will never excel.
It’s time to operate in a class of your own!