It was December 17, 1903, at 10:30 A.M., Orville Wright, laying down on the plane’s wings surface and brought it’s engines to life, launching it and himself into history.

For twelve gravity-defying seconds, he flew 120 feet along the dunes at the wind-swept beach in North Carolina. For aviation terms, this event represented would forever alter our world, but for the Wright brothers, it was the end of a long and wearying journey. An adventure conceived by a dream denominated in the heart of every little boy -the desire to fly! But what most children abandon from the domain of imagination, Orville and Wilbur Wright seized.

In the words of R. Kelly, “I believe I can fly,” these brothers believed more that that. They believed “they should fly.”

What sparked the insatiable desire to fly in these two boys, is recorded in the diary of Wilbur, as he describes the birth of their vision.

“Our personal interest in it dates from our childhood days. Late in the autumn of 1878 our father came into the house one evening with some object partly concealed in his hands, and before we could see what it was, he tossed it into the air. Instead of falling to the floor, as we expected, it flew across the room, till it struck the ceiling, where it fluttered awhile, and finally sank to the floor. It was a little toy, known to scientist as a “hélicoptère,” but which we, with sublime disregard for science, at once dubbed a ‘bat.” It was a light frame of cork and bamboo, covered with paper, which formed two screws, driven in the opposite direction by rubber bands under torsion. A toy so delicate lasted only a short time in the hands of small boys, but its memory was abiding.”

In our “new world,” our etymologies may differ and fall short, but stories like these often bring clarity. Engineering a vision, is the path one takes to make the vision a reality. Their childhood dream that put them to work, is an excellent example of this. They removed every obstacle that stood between them and it; they stumbled upon the principles of physics that would pave the way for the first successful manned flight. In short, they engineered their vision.

Engineering, a vision, is the path one takes to make the vision a reality.

It is when conviction takes substances in the form of action, and determination, until completion.

If one could formulate it, it would look something like this:



Life Is a Journey


You’ve probably heard it a hundred times before, “Life is a journey.” Every journey has a destination. I want to talk about your destination here on earth, in this life.

Everybody ends up somewhere in life. A few people end up somewhere on purpose.

Those are the once with vision.  All of us play various roles; personally, professionally, domestically, and spiritually. Which at times can complicate life. Whether you realise it or not, you have multiple visions. Consider for a moment, how your physical vision or sight works. You may focus on one thing, but notice, how many other objects, movements are in your peripheral? Peripheral vision is a great advantage, to both human and animal.

However, when it comes to reaching your destination, you have to be as clear as Swarovski crystal and as focused as a laser.

A clear vision and focus, along with courage, dramatically increases your chances of coming to the end of your life, looking back with a deep abiding satisfaction, and thinking, “I did it.” As a nobleman that I admire once said, “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.”

Without vision, the chances are, you will come to the end of your life and wonder what you could have done – what you should have done. Countless reach this stage the human morphology with deep-seated regret. Vision is the answer, the escape to hoist you from this mental torture.


  • Vision gives us significance, to otherwise meaningless details of our existence

  • Vision bring your world into focus

  • Vision brings order to chaos

  • Vision brings meaning to pain

  • Vision enables us to see differently

  • Vision simplifies our life


Specifically, Vision Crochets 4 Things into Our Existence:


  1. It Brings Passion (Passion is fire and vision evokes it!)

Even the common sparrow glides through the celestial dome with passion. Nothing is more wretched than a life lived without passion.


  • There are no such a thing as passionless visionaries

  • Vision evokes emotions

  • A clearly defines vision empowers us to experience the emotion ahead of time associated with our anticipated future. These emotions reinforces our commitment to our vision


I recall the time I eventually reached my third year, in Bible school. At the time I was holding a five-day week job, and newly married. By the time I reached my final year, I was ready to quite. I recall breaking down in my car one night, just before lectures. Physically, emotionally I was exhausted, with my forehead collapsed on the steering wheel on my old car, I asked myself, “Why? Why are you doing this?” For every time I felt like throwing in the towel, the emotions associated with my future, was far greater than my drudgery of my present. It was a mental picture of my future, and that resuscitated my soul and body.


Vision is always accompanied by passion. The clearer the vision the greater the passion.



  1. It Brings Motivation (Vision makes sense out of the mundane!)

Find me a person who lacks motivation, and I’ll show you someone with little no vision. Ideas, yes, Dreams yes. Vision not at all!

  • Vision is a great part of the reason you completed college or university

  • A lack of vision is the reason many never finished

  • Your purpose becomes your obsession and your obsession becomes your possession

Think about how you endured, the travelling, the long hours of studying, researching and sitting in all those lectures. And you hung in there, through it all – motivated by the thought of graduation and the rewards it would bring. That is the power of vision!

Your purpose becomes your obsession and your obsession becomes your possession.



  1. It Brings Direction (Vision sets direction for your life)


Have you ever heard some say, “I don’t know where I’m going with my life?” Not a person who has vision.


  • Vision serves as your road map

  • Vision simplifies your life

  • Vision is the basis by which you evaluate every decision, allocate your time, and use your resources

  • Vision defines what you do and what you don’t do!


You only have time to do God’s will not the time to do everything people want you to do. Vision decides which company of people you will peruse and which you will Avoid!

Direction is the compass of our souls.



  1. It Brings Purpose (Purpose is your wake-up pill)

None one will ever be more passionate about your vision than you. People may applaud it. They may support it. They may buy into it, but what separates them from your vision is the passion in you. This distinction is your purpose.


  • Purpose is the reason for getting out of bed and showing up

  • Purpose is the link between current reality and the future


Your purpose in life is to find your purpose and to give it your everything.

Your purpose can be ignored, but it cannot change.

Question: How has your life been inspired by the story of the Wright brother’s? Which are some of the takeaway points that may have inspired you?  Leave a comment below and share this post.     

* The Published Writings of Wilbur and Orville Wright By Peter L. Jakab