There are many reasons people pray, unfortunately, not always for the right reasons.   

  1. Some prayer as a religious obligation.
  2. Others prayer to have a need met.   
  3. Others prayer because of an emergency. 

But what is Biblical Prayer About? 

Prayer, as defined in the scripture, is the voice of Faith. The voice of doubt cannot pray; it only utters hollow words.

Prayer is the living Word rolling off the lips of Faith. It is gazing in the Word as one does a mirror and recognising yourself in the Word. It is the confidence that God said it and will do it. It is holding what God had promised above the pressure trying to keep you down.  

Prayer is quoting the Word. When we quote the Word, we are one with the Father. The Father and the Word are One. God honoured His Son, by calling Him “The Word.” Prayer is a nexus connection through the Word we relish with the Father. 

Praying the Word in Faith is God speaking within me. Faith helps us hold God’s Word as a bank hold a note. As a bank has collateral to make a banknote good, God has the ability to make His Word good. Prayer secures the transaction. 

Prayer is the voice of Faith to the Father the assurance that the need will be met.

Prayer is facing God with both eternal and temporal need. 

Prayer brings us close enough to God to both feel and hear Him breathe in our presence. Prayer is Holy of Holy access. It is the throneroom pathway. 

Prayer is more than Emmanuel (God with us) status; it is executive access into the Father’s presence, through the Son, via the Holy Spirit. Prayer expedites connectivity between humanity and Divinity, between Heaven and earth.

Prayer is a constant communion with the Father and strengthens our faculties. It brightens up the Word, and illuminates the mind, and it freshens and heals the body. 

Prayer is the green room for the greasing of the relationship between God and man. Prayer os the place where we maintain our relationship with God

Prayer is the platform for the expression of worship, adoration and appreciation to the Almighty. You have not prayed soundly until you have thanked adequately. If your thinking is not in place, your asking is a waste of time.

Prayer, especially in the Spirit is the pulpit for the interception of devilish agendas and the frustration of evil orchestration. It is for forbidding the enemy from having his way. 

Stay Blessed during this Holy Month of origins.