Better, “mampara of the week” than “mampara of eternity”. In the recent clash between the titans of culture, secular media vs Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng —a fiercely committed Christian, it is becoming clear our nation is progressing towards a total godless state.   

People cannot handle the light of God’s Truth

  Those lobbying from the dark corridors of hell through agendas dressed up in movements such as tolerance, liberty, progress, modernity, enlightenment, political-correctness, relativism, pluralism misleading society into a ditch. The point? If… you stand for Truth against these agendas, expect to be called a ‘mampara.”   



Speaking out or blending in? 

  The Bible informs about the impossibility to discern anti-christ agendas unless the Spirit of Truth is leading. So there is a tremendous amount of patience required when dealing with the populace.  But the question remains, are you speaking out or blending in? For the child of light, lust, greed, profits and self-glorification drives every agenda of postmodernism. 


When a cure gets discovered, celebration followers

  Why is this not the case with COVID-19 vaccine? The Bible is not against safe and effective vaccines or medication. Mandatory vaccination is nothing new, and it is true we should not become conspiratorially lost in the woods, far removed from the root of Truth. Yet, the Bible is very vocal about the antichrist’s agenda, specifically unfolding in our time. So don’t be offended when a Christian speaks up unless you sold your sole to the devil.  

 But here’s are a few thoughts;  

  • Why should I be forced to take the vaccines if I don’t have the virus? 
  • Why should I be forced to take the vaccines and still wear a mask? 
  • Why are vaccine companies legally protected by against any side effects, damages or deaths caused by the vaccine? 
  • Why were Bollywood celebrities in India incentivized by Gates foundation to take a vaccine on a mass scale, that killed people never heald responsible to date? 
  • If basic health is a fundamental human right since when does vaccine become the best business investment, according to Bill Gates? 
  • What about vaccines that allegedly are reported to alter DNA? 
  • Why are doctors not allowed to speak out against the Covid virus? 
  • How are doctors forced to vaccinate people when the manufacturer of the virus are not willing to take responsibility for the side effects? 
  • Why must Africa and India be guinea pigs, if the vaccinee is fail-proof, should the Gates family, investors and lab scientists not lead the way?
  • Are these questions from a moral standpoint unreasonable to ask?   

See links on reputable sources against the vaccine:


The Church is not a donkey chasing after your carrot 

  To all my Kantian friends (E. Kant professed human wisdom, superior to God), I subpoena History, as a witness, to testify, to the fatality of rejecting God’s sceptre of Wisdom, as a governing standard for our nation. Which is another good reason I am not in favour of your relativistic, anti-God society. To all the seed of Nimrod (the man who intends to build a civilization without God), the Church is not a donkey chasing after your carrot. When the sons of Babel assume the Sons of God will shrink back and submissively swallow up their New World Order agenda (individualism, toleration, syncretism, confusion, uncertainty, fear, autonomy). They need to cautiously reflect over the past, to see the Church of Jesus Christ remains undefeated. 

A wise man once said

“When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the losers.” CJ, did not say he was against the vaccine. He cannot be Chief Justice and be that stupid at the same time. He said, “If there is any vaccine that is deliberately intended to do harm to people, that vaccine must never see the light of day. I cry unto God to stop it.”

I cry to God for the same. 



In an interview with an anchor News channel, Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng blades back into the popular flawed notion —Faith and Politics are incompatible.

“Where do you get this thing of separating my Judicial responsibilities from my Christian believes?” “The last time I checked the constitution, it lists among the freedom of the fundamental right of religion… and talks about God, to protect us… our national Anthem also alludes to the need for God…” WOW!


Here are four things the Five-Fold could learn from our Chief Justice;  

 1. STOP believing in the fairytale that Politics and Faith are incompatible 

  • The emergence of a liberal democracy poses the biggest threat to objective morality, which anchors our nation in values, which subscribes to a code of consequences for actions good or bad. 

2. A KINGDOM theology relates to biblical ethics in relationship to public affairs or social matters.

  •  Pastors (5 Fold) who continue to fear standing on their biblical grounds, empowers things such as; racial inequality, abortion, same-sex marriage, farm killing, political leadership catastrophe, corrupt agendas, all the antecedent of state failure and moral decay.  

3. “Your Best Life Now” Theology, is incomplete if we fail to show how a thousand other philosophical, and ethical issues are connected to Christ and Him crucified. 

  • It has come to a point in Church history, were praying and prophesying over the same people, and for the same problems can no longer be a priority on the agenda that marks what our Sunday services or social media platforms are all about only.    
  • The Kingdom (King —ruler, Dom —rule or domain) of God ontologically is political. Israel was governed by civil laws not only ceremonial laws. If we say, Church and state should be separate than we should also separate the Bible from the Church.  

4.Teaching good citizenship is a Christian value. 

  • Hence the first duty of the parent and CHURCH, not the state.
  • The 5 Fold authority must become fiercely politically relevant, as ministers, we must recognize and teach our flocks how to translate Biblical truth into arguments appropriate to temporal powers and social predicaments.

On a personal note, hearing the CJ, speak today, was extraordinary refreshing and reassuring. His Holy Spirit led boldness is praiseworthy, but what was more impressive was his ability to contextualise his faith into social predicaments with irrefutable wisdom.

May the LORD bless our Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng, may the LORD cause His face to shine upon him and be gracious to him; may the LORD lift His countenance toward him and give him peace.

(Click image to watch video)



Folks, Rey (wife), I and the Family were out after eight months of hard lockdown last week. There are a few things I’d like to clear.

Leaders are, (we too) responsible for help guiding people in the right direction, by word and deed. Though, we’ve been out (leopard park, botanical gardens —we had zero contact with crowds) does not suggest we not in strict locked down still. We have taken this virus very seriously, and the resurgence apparently proves the majority of people in our country are not.

The Wisdom of God (Light) is the stability of our times, and “correct” knowledge is the strength of our salvation. (Isaiah 33:6).

I’m convinced and find peace in God’s sovereignty (God is in control and His Will prevails in the end) during this pandemic. I’m also convinced and find Hope in how God can use (not cause) a pandemic to shift political and economic landscapes in favour of His will and people.

Just imagine if the nation of Israel spoke amongst themselves, “The Ten Plaques is not real, it’s only a conspiracy.” Folks, would the nation survived that came by way of God’s protection, by way of God’s wisdom? Don’t be caught walking outside of this Light of God’s Wisdom during this pandemic.  Don’t be even be fooled in saying “there is no virus?” That’s irresponsible!

As pressed as lockdown has been for us all as a nation but quarantine is not from the antichrist and the covid virus, as with the “Spanish flu” is not a conspiracy!  When God taught His children how to practice self-isolation Lev 13:45, because of virus outbreaks, He was teaching them how to protect and preserve their lives.

When God, taught His children how to practice self-isolation Lev 13:45, because of virus outbreaks,  He was teaching them how to protect and preserve their lives.

It is God who speaks through the mouths of Presidents (even unbelieving ones) and affords them the wisdom during times of crisis to preserve life. It, therefore, would be breaking God’s Word, if any person believes they are not responsible to help eliminate this virus, by not observing social distancing restrictions, etc.

Every year Jews around the world observe Passover. A commemoration of a stay-at-home order from God. The Lord confined the Hebrews to their homes as death passed them over (Ex. 12:23). The Covid-19 virus, and so with the next… is designed to bring death, but only God turns death, to bring newness of life or new beginnings.  That, of course, depends if you followed Gods instructions to remain alive to appreciate it.

Even in the New Testament, lepers practised a form of “social distancing” (Luke 17:12, KJV). There is a time to celebrate (Jive!), but there is also a time, the Bible teaches to lockdown, (No holy kisses, hugs or high fives).

There is a time to celebrate (Jive!), but there is also a time, the Bible teaches to lockdown, (No holy kisses, hugs or high fives).

We are to work alongside the supernatural (Exodus 3:7) using God’s practical wisdom to mitigate an infectious disease.

We are to work alongside the supernatural (Exodus 3:7) using God’s practical wisdom to mitigate an infectious disease.

In fact, no child of God should have contracted this virus or have lost a loved one through this virus,  because of the wisdom of God that is given to protect us (Psalm 105:37, Exodus 14:31).

The cure to the Covid 19 virus is found in one-verb LOVE. The love of God, spelt; CONSIDERATION FOR OTHERS! This means giving up certain freedoms temporarily to ensure others can thrive.

  The cure, to the Covid 19 virus, is found in one-verb LOVE.

In this pandemic, rather than jumping to Revelation 13 conclusions, consider our Leviticus 13 obligations prompted by a 1 Corinthians 13 motivation.

Lets beat this virus together!

Shan, Rey and Z3 Thumbran

The words which began tomorrow's future of Dubai: "Brothers I think it is time for a new government " – Sheik Maktoum bin Butti, 1833. 🧐🧐🧐

Just two generations ago (50 years) homes in Dubai didn't have running water. This now eye-popping city was nothing more than an obscure speck on Arabian sand. Now tops New York City as one of the most visited cities in the world.🐫🏙🌃🚄✈🏪🏗🏝🏖🏥🏟

I often wonder as do many others, "how did Dubai do it?" How did Dubai go from a devasting pearling village to high-flying global powerhouse in less than 50 years? ⁉️⁉️⁉️

OIL? Wrong! The answer is not oil!

Dubai is the poorest petrochemical producers compared to her wealthy neighbours. Dubai has minimal oils reserve, so what is the answer?

The answer is: L E A D E R S H I P!


The Economy of Dubai 💵💵💰💰💰

🔴GDP per capita 2005
39, 439,80 USD

🔴GDP by sector

$308.5 billion

🔴Export goods
Crude oil,
natural gas,
dried fish,

🔴Unemployment 2.5%

The Economy of South Africa

🔴GDP per capita 2005
$5,277.93 USD

🔴GDP by sector

$108 billion

🔴Export goods
gold, diamonds, coal, iron ore, platinum, other metals and minerals, machinery and equipment, motor cars, fruits, wines, various agricultural foodstuff, ground and air military hardware.

26.9% (2018)


To His Excellency, Mr President M. C. Ramaphosa

It would have been appropriate to write privately, but understandably citizens do not have the direct details, so please excuse this attempt to write over social media addressing his excellency.

Mr President, South Africa does not have a xenophobic, crime, gender inequality or a femicide problem. Sitting at the source of our countries dilemma and longstanding unrest is another failed government. Firstly the apartheid government and now the ANC government.

Mr President, the bloodshed of the countless innocent, the looting from the hard-working, including our foreign nationals, the violation of our women and children's rights broil in the heart of our countries political self-interest attitude.

The results are evident in the lack of security, a regressed economy, inadequate service delivery, myopic decision-making processors, vested interest of specialised groups, state-capture of agriculture, telecommunications, transport, high-income taxation, and now the health services, et cetera. Reading into the South African crisis, these are some of the root factors of our people's unhappiness, now being smoke screened behind xenophobia, femicide, criminality, et cetera. This is a leadership blind spot.

Mr President perhaps what South Africa needs is not another parliamentary explanation. Instead, we seek decisive, present and responsible leadership from his excellency firstly.

Our nation's majority has put their trust in his excellency to lead our country, and to shepherd our people into greener pastures. Instead, all we see is a burning and blood-stained land. We are most concerned that your excellence has given us no hope of a better tomorrow, yet?

Mr President, above all, God has entrusted you, sir, for a time such as this. Please, Mr President, do the right thing;

1. Bring back the death penalty – a symbolic statement that we value life and human dignity
2. Instead of land reform, leadership reform is more critical – who is being groomed in the leadership pipeline that is unstained, fresh and honest?
3. Promptly trail to jail every corrupt former or current politician and then work way down to the municipality
level- "Crime does not pay" must be a motto adopted for such a time
4. Protect our borders – Care for the nations needs first and find other ways to help our neighbours
5. Disregard the nationalising of the healthcare bill – we are nowhere near ready for this
6. Review the BBBEE Act – we need the skilled as part of the process of empowering the formally disadvantaged.  Losing our skills to other nations is senseless
7. Return this country to Biblical-based policies – it will heal the decayed moral climate and God will forgive the
bloodshed and heal our land

Mr honourable President, inclosing we can only consider a fraction of the burden his excellency have to carry until one walks in Mr President's shoes. We pray, therefore, that, God strengthens the President and protects all those dear to you.

Still, Mr honourable President, if his excellency remains silent at this time, relieve and deliverance for our nation will come from someone else (Esther 4:14).

Your excellency, Mr President, we are not black or white, we are south AFRICANS. Please do the right thing?

Shan Thumbran

The Presidency of the Republic of South Africa


Every child of God is redeemed with a glorious destiny. God redeems his children as a trailblazer, trendsetters, barrier breakers, record makers and giant slayers.   

The Bible likens us unto trees – but. …we not just trees we are Cedars -among the tallest trees. It is time to stand out as the tallest among man. God designated us as His righteous Palms – every child of God is meant to bend without breaking, flourishing without drying up.   

However, the reason so many live colourless lives is because they are not living brave.  The scriptures make it clear to us that on the path to the realization of our glorious destiny are invisible barriers.  Invisible barriers that manifest as physical setbacks may be in the form of discouragement, fatigue, financial, health… These are all spiritual and physical forces; resisting our progress and preventing us from reaching the top! 

One outstanding character in the Bible comes to mind, a champ for God who knew how to overcome barriers, whom out of obscurity makes it to the top, a forsaken shepherd boy, his name -David.

David was a man destined for a glorious purpose, but in overcoming these barriers, his life revealed specific "keys", which  God desire you to know.   

Firstly, let us four consider why "Keys" are very relevant to a successful life on earth (Matt 16:19)?  


1. Keys guarantee escape  (exit)

Psalms 124:7 declares, "We escaped like a bird from a hunter's trap. The trap God is broken, and we are free!" 

One cannot orchestrate their escape without understanding keys!  


2. Keys guarantee access (entry)

Isaiah 43:19 declares, "Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth;  shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert." 

(Declaration) somebody is entering a new season and a new level in God but not without keys! 


3. Keys provide security (safety)

In Matthew 16:19-20 Jesus declares "I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven…" This was written in the context of not being overcome by the gates of hell.   
(Declaration) God is shutting the door of trouble.  Whatever has been a point the point of stress, anxiety, fear ends by this second in your life.    


4. Keys activate functionality (useful)

Without keys, one cannot be a functional son of the Kingdom.  
The exclusive mandate by legal position to establish and dissolve in the realm of earth and heaven (Matt 16:19), is our primary function.   However, the mysteries of favour, protection, healing and prosperity among many others are all unlocked through divine keys.  
Divine keys activate divine mysteries.   


5 Keys For  Destiny Encounters

(based on the life of David.)


The first key:
The Key of Overcoming Rejection 

Dream killer number one is the spirit of rejection operating in God's family.   Remember both Joseph and Jesus were rejected by their own. 

But Psalms 27:10 declares, "Even if my father and mother abandon me, the LORD cares for me." 


Two keys overcoming:

#1 Rejection is the birthplace for distinction

People rejected by men are (often) selected, appointed and anointed by God.  

People forgotten by men are often remembered by God. 

Moses unashamedly was forgotten by Pharaoh but not by God!  His brothers forgot Joseph but not God!

So do not be bothered about people who have forgotten you. Instead, let your focus be to have God remember the desperate love you have for Him.  Even though David was not invited to the King's crowning ceremony, he was not discouraged. David knew the right oil could not flow on the wrong head. If God has laid His hands on a person's life and that individual has made up their mind to do His Will, no wrong person can take their portion in God.

#2  Obscurity is God's Breeding Ground for Greatness

God's interprets adversity as a university. Seasons of obscurities and insignificance is God's dessert school of preparation.  

In this place, God removes all the props. In the place, a child of God will give birth to either two types of children: Isaac or Ishmael. 

 The Dessert School of Prepraperting is where some of the highest spiritual war will occur. 

A place where God woo's his son into a place of intimacy develops character and changes perspective.   

Do not despise these days of smallness (Zac 4:10).  

The Second Key:
The Key of Overcoming Your Daily Battles 

David knew something about not being afraid to face his daily battles. 

He declared in 1 Sam 17: 37 "The LORD, who delivered me from the claws of the lion and of the bear, will deliver me from the hand of this Philistine."

Battles of today are the foundation for the victories of tomorrow. Devils fighting us currently is the attempt of the dark to hold us back from next level breakthroughs. 

However, Heaven's Champion declared, "I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you. (Luke 10:19).   

(Declaration) I have a nothing shall harm me anointing!

(Declaration) I have a nothing shall stop me anointing! 

Notice the lion came, David killed it.  The bear came, David killed it, Goliath came, David killed him.  Saul came, and David pitied Saul.
The Amalekites and Mediaite's all came but David was too sincere in with God for them to stop him. 


The Third Key:
The Key of Defying Your Goliath

The first thing David did when Goliath fell, was to secure the giant's decapitation.   At that precise moment, the fear that terrorized his people in a paralyze was broken! Faith demolishes national strongholds of fear. 

(Declaration) The God kind of faith living in me will defy and destroy every giant around me!  

(Declaration) The Presence of  Goliath is the announcement of my new season! 

The Fourth Key:
The Key of Overcoming Betrayal 

The impact of a child of God is a magnet of envy and jealousy.  If you do not want envy or jealousy, then do not make an impact! 

However, by Redemption status, every child of God are destined for impact. 

Then one needs to learn the Keys for Escaping from the javelin of Saul's Envy and Jealousy (1Sam. 18:11). 


Three Keys For Overcoming Envy and Jealousy: 
#1 Jealousy or Envy is a Product of Life without Vision 

Jealousy & envy are two tests of a leader you will have to overcome to make a mark…
Jealousy is being protective over what is your and envy is to resent what others have. 

Jealousy occurs whenever a child of God take their eyes off their vision and goals and begin to look at the progress or success of others.  Once the focus is lost, speed is lost. Once the speed is lost, success is lost.

#2. What You Hate You Cannot Have

 Saul opened his life to witchcraft when he began to see only wrong in David.   A man with "bad will" is just bitter, hateful and resentful over another person's lifting, promotion or advancement. Many are where they are in life today because they do not celebrate success, progress, or good things in the lives of other people; what you do not like you will inevitably lack. 

Remember the sword of envy is always in search of men of impact, but if they can not stop your impact, they can nor cut you short! (Ps. 112:1-10).


#3  Anytime You See Success -Celebrate It

Success for a child of God is through sowing seeds of goodwill towards the association of increase God planted in their life. 
Whatever success gets uprooted from a child of God's life, through the hatred of others, can never be planted in theirs. 

The Fifth Key:
The Key of Aggressive Faith 

Every redeemed child of God is saved for a glorious destiny. 
However, to frame that destiny into a tangible reality, we have to do it by faith!

Hebrews 11;3 declares, "Through faith, we understand that the worlds were framed…" Until a child of God understands faith, he does not understand anything. 

Faith replaces natural intelligence for supernatural intelligence. Faith makes a child of God spiritually intelligent.   

Faith materializes the in materialized. It substantiates the unsubstantiated, it gives hope substance, and it transforms the promises into a tangible reality.  


Three Reasons Aggressive Faith Is Vital 

1.    Aggressive faith is a non-negotiable necessity for impactful and effective kingdom living. 

Four times in the Bible God declares "The just shall live by faith…" Indicating a child of God dies outside of faith. 


2.    Faith is the most Value Asset of the Eagle and Lion  Leader

You are either or both, a  visionary leader or an eagle leader. A visionary leader is an eagle leader, and a transformational leader is a lion leader.   Both are called to make a generational impact but not without a partnership with God and faith secures it all. 

3.    Faith is our profession 

In Hebrews 10:23 it declares, "Let us hold fast the profession of our faith without wavering; (for he is faithful that promised;)" 

In the same was a doctor or a lawyer if they want to be successful in their practice of medicine or law they must become skilful at the profession.    

Likewise, if a believer must become successful in the Christian life on earth, they must become skilled in faith!


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In our country, with a former president still esteemed by the ruling party on the loose with over 700 charges of fraud and corruption, how is this happy freedom? Anti-corruption institutions themselves that lost their legitimacy. Our rainbow future dimmed by corruption and drained by overpaid but under-qualified leaders, how is freedom is?


Diverting the ridiculously high unemployment rate (51%)  by citing historical causes is fantasy, not freedom.  Trapped in the entitlement mentality and a blame game paradigm, is this freedom? Economic empowerment initiatives that only secure votes, are we free?


Low literacy pass rates, short-term hgh price list minded educational policies, shut down technical, teaching and nursing colleges, is this freedom?


An inadequate infrastructure that will not take us very far, poor exploitation of natural resources, a lack of professionals to meet the needs of a growing population,  how are we free?


Poor service delivery from the top down, way too many obstacles to overcome,  is this freedom?


Subconsciously, we are a nation, bruised, angry, fearful, and have more things that divide us than unite us. A nation with more heists than heroes,  is this freedom? 


Unfilled promises, one shameful election after another, those who sit in Godly seats of authority are much too afraid to speak up. Spiritual leaders are sharper to lash out against the Church then the state.  Injustice rides high in black Merc’s and BMW’s,  arrogance and pride parades victorious – throughout the land. this what we are celebrating in our country, today?

On a hopeful note. …when a divided Church realises her authority and power and how only through unity it can be harnessed to influence the state. When religious leaders stop seeing political leader/s as the Messiah. ….trust in God alone. Then as in the days of old, the Church will once again stand. …as the greatest catalyst of change against injustice. 


Unless a person discovers God’s uniqueness in them and God’s divine purpose for them, they cannot make a mark on the earth!  Self discovery is about, a God discovery; for making a permanent mark of meaning for heaven on earth. 




October Meditation Verse

Proverbs 24:3-4

By wisdom, a house is built, and through understanding, it is established; through knowledge,

its rooms are filled with rare and beautiful treasures.





Self-discovery (identity)


Unless a person discovers God’s uniqueness and God’s divine purpose in them they cannot make a mark in the earth! Here are  several principles of self-discovery to consider on your journey to the top: 


1. The “God Factor”

The first 5 words at the beginning of the Scriptures are possibly the most power you will ever read; Genesis 1:1 declares “In the beginning God created…”. 

  • Life has no meaning without God.  Until God stepped in, there was neither a beginning nor was anything created.
  • To truly live, you need God to give you a beginning (life) and to give you form (purpose).    


[shareable]God gives Beginning and Form to life![/shareable]


Verse two gives us an idea of life outside of God,  “..and the earth was without form and void….”  There far too many people including church folks who live without a God Beginning and without a God formation.  The reason for this is simple, they have not discovered God and made Him the foundation (Psalm 40:5).   

Repeat after me, "until God is allowed to step into our lives and breathes his life into mine, every dead issue in our lives will continue to prevail." 


2. The greatest discovery in life is a God-discovery


God is the Foundation of Life. Psalm 127:1 declares “Except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it.”

  • Everything that is built by God is not in vain, it has a guaranteed future!  
  • Salvation is not a religious gimmick. Salvation is part of the spiritual architectural structure that secures your purpose on earth and the life hereafter (Ephesian 2:19-22). 


3. The second greatest discovery in life is “self-discovery”


One cannot truly discover self, unless they first discover their source. There many, many people who consider their money, position, status and connections as all the security they need for their future. Who has suddenly found themselves completely stripped naked, with nowhere to hide and nothing to hold on to the moment these things have been taken away from them. The reason is easy, they were connected to the wrong source.

  • (See the story of the rich young millennial  Matthew 19:16-22). 


                              Sow a seed for any amount. It helps me to keep writing.  God bless you!   



3.  God is not “a factor” God is “The Factor”


God is not “a factor" for your success, God is “the factor” for your success. 

  • Jesus said, “…Without me, you can do nothing “ (John 15:5).
  • Reverse that, “with Me you can do ALL THINGS!” (Phil 4:13)


[shareable]“I don’t care how much money you have, without Me you will not go far.” – God. [/shareable]


Remember, we cannot treat God as an equation. God is a non-equivalent, incomparable God (Psalms 40:5).  

Success does not begin with money,  success begins with God 


[shareable]Money is not your capital,  God is your Capital that does not depreciate[/shareable]



4. Marked by God


 You will make no mark in life until God has put His mark on you. The Bible declares, "And you also were included in Christ when you heard the message of truth, the gospel of your salvation. When you believed, you were marked in him with a seal, the promised Holy Spirit,' (Ephesian 1:3 NIV). 

  • You will have no effect until God has affected you.
  • Unless God affects you like cancer you will have no effect in life.
  • Unless God affects your life you will always remain dwarf in life!
  • But if you are connected to the Most God, you cannot remain a dwarf, you will go to the top like Abraham, Joseph, and Esther (Deuteronomy 28:13).  
  • When you are connected to the Most High God,  He will take you above the circumstances of life and make you rule and reign where others are suffering, failing and complaining!



5. Everything you seek to build without God will need to be rebuilt


We are told in Hebrews 3:4 that, “…He that built all things is God.” You can have great levels of peace in your marriage, house — if God is the foundation.  The reason many lives, businesses and marriages crumble over and over again is because God is not there.


[shareable]The absence of God is the reason for destruction.  The presence of God is the security of construction. [/shareable]


  • You cannot have God as your Alpha (beginning) and not have a glorious Omega (good end.)


I don’t know what is your lane— but I know with God your future is secure! 


In closing always remember:  

  1. Your connection with God is your connection with your true self  
  2. When you stay linked with God you become brighter than the best
  3. Your link with God is a discovery that will forever break every chain of stagnation in your life 
  4. Your link with God reveals your Spiritual Roots 


This link is vital because you were not made by your parents (you only came through them by genetics).  You are not made by the society either.

  • That means the disempowered conditions you may have been raised up under or the condition you society operates in have nothing to do with your destiny.


God said, “Let us make man in our image. That is your "link" your "connection" Praise God! 






To live effectively, significantly and honorably unto God, There are 3 bases in life that we must increase in. 





October Meditation Verse Proverbs 24:3-4

By wisdom, a house is built, and through understanding, it is established; through knowledge, its rooms are filled with rare and beautiful treasures.


The First is our Knowledge Base


(Repeat) The capacity of your learning will determine the standard of your living. Learning is what builds the reservoir for continuity and the ability to maximise potentials. The day you stop learning is the day you stop living. The day you stop learning is the day become obsolete.  Proverbs 24:5 declares that "… a man of knowledge increases strength." 


The Second is our Understanding Base


(Repeat) Understanding is the ability to translate meaning from Knowledge.  Proverbs  9:10 declares, "  The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding. 


The Third is our Wisdom Base


(Repeat) Wisdom is knowing what to do and doing it.   If you know what to do and you don’t do it, you are just an “Informed fool”  or an “Educated fool”. 




For Destiny Encounters

Wisdom has built her house, She has hewn out her seven pillars – Proverbs 9:1


Consider this, when one builds a house, the first thing that must be laid is a foundation. Regardless of how beautiful the structure may be, if the foundation is weak, the future of the structure is not secure.  Proverbs 9:1 tells us that "Wisdom has built her house…"   But what is the foundation the House of Wisdom? 


Fortunately, the scriptures give us the answer. The foundation of the House of Wisdom is the FEAR of the LORD!

The fear of LORD is the beginning | of wisdom, And the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding. 

– Proverbs 9:10.

We don’t reach divine wisdom through much study or the acquisition of much understanding, no! We reach Divine Wisdom, by the fear of the LORD. The fear of the LORD is a reverential trust and obedience that says, "I will do whatever You want me to do, I will say whatever You want me to say, and I will go wherever You want me to go without delay" (Genesis 22) For without this kind of faith it is impossible to please God  (Hebrews 11:6), and there can be no true wisdom.   Therefore the lack of obedience towards an instruction of God is the classification of a house (life) of foolishness!



Culled from the Pillars of Wisdom for Destiny Encounters. A Message by Dr Shan Thumbran, October 2019.    


To live effectively, significantly and honorably unto God, there are 7 Wisdom Pillars you must pursue to encounter destiny.  


Wisdom Pillar #1

1. Discover Your Kingdom Dream 


What is a Kingdom Dream?  A Kingdom Dream is a mental picture of your authentic future as revealed by the Word of God.  Hebrew 12:1 declares  "Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us".  


Therefore, your Kingdom Dream is not a desire but a discovery.  You don't decide it, you discover it. God has already "set (it) before us". Incredible!  Ambition says "I will do this by myself for myself." Vision says, "I will do this with God for others" this is a Dream from Heaven! 


A Kingdom Dream is a picture of your authentic future as revealed by the Scriptures

Look at another important concept. We said a Kingdom Dream is a picture of your authentic future as revealed by the Scriptures. A Kingdom Dram is by Revelation of the scriptures (Visions, Dreams, Audible Voice of God). 



Sow a seed for any amount. It helps me to keep writing.  God bless you!  


This is why a KINGDOM DREAM always guarantees fulfillment and completions.  This discovery kept Abraham to be the head and not the tail and it kept him satisfied in life! Romans 4:20 declares,  "He staggered not at the promise of God through unbelief, but was strong in faith, (keep him going!) giving glory to God (Satisfied!) 


You cannot see the future and not remain at the top of life!

You cannot see the future and not remain strong in Faith!

You cannot see the future and not celebrate!

You cannot see the future and remained depressed!

Jesus, hang on the cross, with a smile on His face  – Why? He saw the end (Heb 12:2) 

Joseph was the most excited slave, his flint remained strong – Why? He saw the end! 


Unless your Dream is flying on the wings of God’s Word your future is not guaranteed in life (Isaiah 55:11). 

When you align your aspirations with God, you have a guarantee that it will come to pass. His Word cannot return void!

[shareable]You are not playing poker with God when it comes to your Kingdom Dream! [/shareable]