Better, “mampara of the week” than “mampara of eternity”. In the recent clash between the titans of culture, secular media vs Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng —a fiercely committed Christian, it is becoming clear our nation is progressing towards a total godless state.   

People cannot handle the light of God’s Truth

  Those lobbying from the dark corridors of hell through agendas dressed up in movements such as tolerance, liberty, progress, modernity, enlightenment, political-correctness, relativism, pluralism misleading society into a ditch. The point? If… you stand for Truth against these agendas, expect to be called a ‘mampara.”   



Speaking out or blending in? 

  The Bible informs about the impossibility to discern anti-christ agendas unless the Spirit of Truth is leading. So there is a tremendous amount of patience required when dealing with the populace.  But the question remains, are you speaking out or blending in? For the child of light, lust, greed, profits and self-glorification drives every agenda of postmodernism. 


When a cure gets discovered, celebration followers

  Why is this not the case with COVID-19 vaccine? The Bible is not against safe and effective vaccines or medication. Mandatory vaccination is nothing new, and it is true we should not become conspiratorially lost in the woods, far removed from the root of Truth. Yet, the Bible is very vocal about the antichrist’s agenda, specifically unfolding in our time. So don’t be offended when a Christian speaks up unless you sold your sole to the devil.  

 But here’s are a few thoughts;  

  • Why should I be forced to take the vaccines if I don’t have the virus? 
  • Why should I be forced to take the vaccines and still wear a mask? 
  • Why are vaccine companies legally protected by against any side effects, damages or deaths caused by the vaccine? 
  • Why were Bollywood celebrities in India incentivized by Gates foundation to take a vaccine on a mass scale, that killed people never heald responsible to date? 
  • If basic health is a fundamental human right since when does vaccine become the best business investment, according to Bill Gates? 
  • What about vaccines that allegedly are reported to alter DNA? 
  • Why are doctors not allowed to speak out against the Covid virus? 
  • How are doctors forced to vaccinate people when the manufacturer of the virus are not willing to take responsibility for the side effects? 
  • Why must Africa and India be guinea pigs, if the vaccinee is fail-proof, should the Gates family, investors and lab scientists not lead the way?
  • Are these questions from a moral standpoint unreasonable to ask?   

See links on reputable sources against the vaccine:


The Church is not a donkey chasing after your carrot 

  To all my Kantian friends (E. Kant professed human wisdom, superior to God), I subpoena History, as a witness, to testify, to the fatality of rejecting God’s sceptre of Wisdom, as a governing standard for our nation. Which is another good reason I am not in favour of your relativistic, anti-God society. To all the seed of Nimrod (the man who intends to build a civilization without God), the Church is not a donkey chasing after your carrot. When the sons of Babel assume the Sons of God will shrink back and submissively swallow up their New World Order agenda (individualism, toleration, syncretism, confusion, uncertainty, fear, autonomy). They need to cautiously reflect over the past, to see the Church of Jesus Christ remains undefeated. 

A wise man once said

“When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the losers.” CJ, did not say he was against the vaccine. He cannot be Chief Justice and be that stupid at the same time. He said, “If there is any vaccine that is deliberately intended to do harm to people, that vaccine must never see the light of day. I cry unto God to stop it.”

I cry to God for the same. 



Folks, Rey (wife), I and the Family were out after eight months of hard lockdown last week. There are a few things I’d like to clear.

Leaders are, (we too) responsible for help guiding people in the right direction, by word and deed. Though, we’ve been out (leopard park, botanical gardens —we had zero contact with crowds) does not suggest we not in strict locked down still. We have taken this virus very seriously, and the resurgence apparently proves the majority of people in our country are not.

The Wisdom of God (Light) is the stability of our times, and “correct” knowledge is the strength of our salvation. (Isaiah 33:6).

I’m convinced and find peace in God’s sovereignty (God is in control and His Will prevails in the end) during this pandemic. I’m also convinced and find Hope in how God can use (not cause) a pandemic to shift political and economic landscapes in favour of His will and people.

Just imagine if the nation of Israel spoke amongst themselves, “The Ten Plaques is not real, it’s only a conspiracy.” Folks, would the nation survived that came by way of God’s protection, by way of God’s wisdom? Don’t be caught walking outside of this Light of God’s Wisdom during this pandemic.  Don’t be even be fooled in saying “there is no virus?” That’s irresponsible!

As pressed as lockdown has been for us all as a nation but quarantine is not from the antichrist and the covid virus, as with the “Spanish flu” is not a conspiracy!  When God taught His children how to practice self-isolation Lev 13:45, because of virus outbreaks, He was teaching them how to protect and preserve their lives.

When God, taught His children how to practice self-isolation Lev 13:45, because of virus outbreaks,  He was teaching them how to protect and preserve their lives.

It is God who speaks through the mouths of Presidents (even unbelieving ones) and affords them the wisdom during times of crisis to preserve life. It, therefore, would be breaking God’s Word, if any person believes they are not responsible to help eliminate this virus, by not observing social distancing restrictions, etc.

Every year Jews around the world observe Passover. A commemoration of a stay-at-home order from God. The Lord confined the Hebrews to their homes as death passed them over (Ex. 12:23). The Covid-19 virus, and so with the next… is designed to bring death, but only God turns death, to bring newness of life or new beginnings.  That, of course, depends if you followed Gods instructions to remain alive to appreciate it.

Even in the New Testament, lepers practised a form of “social distancing” (Luke 17:12, KJV). There is a time to celebrate (Jive!), but there is also a time, the Bible teaches to lockdown, (No holy kisses, hugs or high fives).

There is a time to celebrate (Jive!), but there is also a time, the Bible teaches to lockdown, (No holy kisses, hugs or high fives).

We are to work alongside the supernatural (Exodus 3:7) using God’s practical wisdom to mitigate an infectious disease.

We are to work alongside the supernatural (Exodus 3:7) using God’s practical wisdom to mitigate an infectious disease.

In fact, no child of God should have contracted this virus or have lost a loved one through this virus,  because of the wisdom of God that is given to protect us (Psalm 105:37, Exodus 14:31).

The cure to the Covid 19 virus is found in one-verb LOVE. The love of God, spelt; CONSIDERATION FOR OTHERS! This means giving up certain freedoms temporarily to ensure others can thrive.

  The cure, to the Covid 19 virus, is found in one-verb LOVE.

In this pandemic, rather than jumping to Revelation 13 conclusions, consider our Leviticus 13 obligations prompted by a 1 Corinthians 13 motivation.

Lets beat this virus together!

Shan, Rey and Z3 Thumbran

Prayer to God to Stop Coronavirus Father God, we come to You to stand in the gap before You for the land, that it not be destroyed, but be filled with Your glory. Now is the set time for the greater works, so we pray You will stretch forth Your hand to heal the land.

We repent on behalf of all nations that have turned their backs and their ways against You. Be merciful to our unrighteousness, and remember our sins and iniquities no more. Be gracious to us, and turn the curse into a blessing that You may be glorified, and Your laborers may bring in Your harvest. Lord, we put You in remembrance of Your delegated authority to the Church to bind and loose. We bind satan, the spirit of fear, and this coronavirus in the Name of Jesus.

No man shall eat fruit of thee hereafter forever. We loose every person infected by this virus and release healing virtue to stop this plague. Father God, our President’s and political leaders’ hearts are in your hand. Direct every decision to be consistent with Your divine will. Give them wisdom to bring stability to our times. We look to You alone to bring salvation to all of mankind. In Jesus’ Name, amen.


Ezekiel 22:30 Numbers 14:21 Psalm 102:13 John 14:12 Acts 4:30 2 Chronicles 7:14 Hebrews 8:10–12 John 4:35 Deuteronomy 23:5 Matthew 16:19 Mark 11:14 Proverbs 21:1 John 6:38 Isaiah 33:6, 43:11 John 3:16–17

(Bill Winston Ministries)