Every child of God is redeemed with a glorious destiny. God redeems his children as a trailblazer, trendsetters, barrier breakers, record makers and giant slayers.   

The Bible likens us unto trees – but. …we not just trees we are Cedars -among the tallest trees. It is time to stand out as the tallest among man. God designated us as His righteous Palms – every child of God is meant to bend without breaking, flourishing without drying up.   

However, the reason so many live colourless lives is because they are not living brave.  The scriptures make it clear to us that on the path to the realization of our glorious destiny are invisible barriers.  Invisible barriers that manifest as physical setbacks may be in the form of discouragement, fatigue, financial, health… These are all spiritual and physical forces; resisting our progress and preventing us from reaching the top! 

One outstanding character in the Bible comes to mind, a champ for God who knew how to overcome barriers, whom out of obscurity makes it to the top, a forsaken shepherd boy, his name -David.

David was a man destined for a glorious purpose, but in overcoming these barriers, his life revealed specific "keys", which  God desire you to know.   

Firstly, let us four consider why "Keys" are very relevant to a successful life on earth (Matt 16:19)?  


1. Keys guarantee escape  (exit)

Psalms 124:7 declares, "We escaped like a bird from a hunter's trap. The trap God is broken, and we are free!" 

One cannot orchestrate their escape without understanding keys!  


2. Keys guarantee access (entry)

Isaiah 43:19 declares, "Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth;  shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert." 

(Declaration) somebody is entering a new season and a new level in God but not without keys! 


3. Keys provide security (safety)

In Matthew 16:19-20 Jesus declares "I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven…" This was written in the context of not being overcome by the gates of hell.   
(Declaration) God is shutting the door of trouble.  Whatever has been a point the point of stress, anxiety, fear ends by this second in your life.    


4. Keys activate functionality (useful)

Without keys, one cannot be a functional son of the Kingdom.  
The exclusive mandate by legal position to establish and dissolve in the realm of earth and heaven (Matt 16:19), is our primary function.   However, the mysteries of favour, protection, healing and prosperity among many others are all unlocked through divine keys.  
Divine keys activate divine mysteries.   


5 Keys For  Destiny Encounters

(based on the life of David.)


The first key:
The Key of Overcoming Rejection 

Dream killer number one is the spirit of rejection operating in God's family.   Remember both Joseph and Jesus were rejected by their own. 

But Psalms 27:10 declares, "Even if my father and mother abandon me, the LORD cares for me." 


Two keys overcoming:

#1 Rejection is the birthplace for distinction

People rejected by men are (often) selected, appointed and anointed by God.  

People forgotten by men are often remembered by God. 

Moses unashamedly was forgotten by Pharaoh but not by God!  His brothers forgot Joseph but not God!

So do not be bothered about people who have forgotten you. Instead, let your focus be to have God remember the desperate love you have for Him.  Even though David was not invited to the King's crowning ceremony, he was not discouraged. David knew the right oil could not flow on the wrong head. If God has laid His hands on a person's life and that individual has made up their mind to do His Will, no wrong person can take their portion in God.

#2  Obscurity is God's Breeding Ground for Greatness

God's interprets adversity as a university. Seasons of obscurities and insignificance is God's dessert school of preparation.  

In this place, God removes all the props. In the place, a child of God will give birth to either two types of children: Isaac or Ishmael. 

 The Dessert School of Prepraperting is where some of the highest spiritual war will occur. 

A place where God woo's his son into a place of intimacy develops character and changes perspective.   

Do not despise these days of smallness (Zac 4:10).  

The Second Key:
The Key of Overcoming Your Daily Battles 

David knew something about not being afraid to face his daily battles. 

He declared in 1 Sam 17: 37 "The LORD, who delivered me from the claws of the lion and of the bear, will deliver me from the hand of this Philistine."

Battles of today are the foundation for the victories of tomorrow. Devils fighting us currently is the attempt of the dark to hold us back from next level breakthroughs. 

However, Heaven's Champion declared, "I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you. (Luke 10:19).   

(Declaration) I have a nothing shall harm me anointing!

(Declaration) I have a nothing shall stop me anointing! 

Notice the lion came, David killed it.  The bear came, David killed it, Goliath came, David killed him.  Saul came, and David pitied Saul.
The Amalekites and Mediaite's all came but David was too sincere in with God for them to stop him. 


The Third Key:
The Key of Defying Your Goliath

The first thing David did when Goliath fell, was to secure the giant's decapitation.   At that precise moment, the fear that terrorized his people in a paralyze was broken! Faith demolishes national strongholds of fear. 

(Declaration) The God kind of faith living in me will defy and destroy every giant around me!  

(Declaration) The Presence of  Goliath is the announcement of my new season! 

The Fourth Key:
The Key of Overcoming Betrayal 

The impact of a child of God is a magnet of envy and jealousy.  If you do not want envy or jealousy, then do not make an impact! 

However, by Redemption status, every child of God are destined for impact. 

Then one needs to learn the Keys for Escaping from the javelin of Saul's Envy and Jealousy (1Sam. 18:11). 


Three Keys For Overcoming Envy and Jealousy: 
#1 Jealousy or Envy is a Product of Life without Vision 

Jealousy & envy are two tests of a leader you will have to overcome to make a mark…
Jealousy is being protective over what is your and envy is to resent what others have. 

Jealousy occurs whenever a child of God take their eyes off their vision and goals and begin to look at the progress or success of others.  Once the focus is lost, speed is lost. Once the speed is lost, success is lost.

#2. What You Hate You Cannot Have

 Saul opened his life to witchcraft when he began to see only wrong in David.   A man with "bad will" is just bitter, hateful and resentful over another person's lifting, promotion or advancement. Many are where they are in life today because they do not celebrate success, progress, or good things in the lives of other people; what you do not like you will inevitably lack. 

Remember the sword of envy is always in search of men of impact, but if they can not stop your impact, they can nor cut you short! (Ps. 112:1-10).


#3  Anytime You See Success -Celebrate It

Success for a child of God is through sowing seeds of goodwill towards the association of increase God planted in their life. 
Whatever success gets uprooted from a child of God's life, through the hatred of others, can never be planted in theirs. 

The Fifth Key:
The Key of Aggressive Faith 

Every redeemed child of God is saved for a glorious destiny. 
However, to frame that destiny into a tangible reality, we have to do it by faith!

Hebrews 11;3 declares, "Through faith, we understand that the worlds were framed…" Until a child of God understands faith, he does not understand anything. 

Faith replaces natural intelligence for supernatural intelligence. Faith makes a child of God spiritually intelligent.   

Faith materializes the in materialized. It substantiates the unsubstantiated, it gives hope substance, and it transforms the promises into a tangible reality.  


Three Reasons Aggressive Faith Is Vital 

1.    Aggressive faith is a non-negotiable necessity for impactful and effective kingdom living. 

Four times in the Bible God declares "The just shall live by faith…" Indicating a child of God dies outside of faith. 


2.    Faith is the most Value Asset of the Eagle and Lion  Leader

You are either or both, a  visionary leader or an eagle leader. A visionary leader is an eagle leader, and a transformational leader is a lion leader.   Both are called to make a generational impact but not without a partnership with God and faith secures it all. 

3.    Faith is our profession 

In Hebrews 10:23 it declares, "Let us hold fast the profession of our faith without wavering; (for he is faithful that promised;)" 

In the same was a doctor or a lawyer if they want to be successful in their practice of medicine or law they must become skilful at the profession.    

Likewise, if a believer must become successful in the Christian life on earth, they must become skilled in faith!


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Wisdom the key to ruling in Life. Foolishness is the reason for hardship in life. You cannot operate in the world's system and simultaneously shine with the Light of Heaven. You cannot be the Head (Deut 28:1) on top of the worlds system using its wisdom.  We need to feed our spirit with food from another altitude. It was God's wisdom that distinguished: Joseph, Daniel, Abigail, and Jesus. It is God's Wisdom that will distinguish you.


Meditation Verse:

And wisdom and knowledge shall be the stability of thy times, and strength of salvation: the fear of the Lord is his treasure. (Isaiah 33:6.)




Wisdom is applied Information.  Having information or strategy without application is not wisdom. Knowing alone is not wisdom it is intelligence. Knowing what to do and to do it, that is wisdom. The man who knows what to do but does not do it is an intelligent fool.   A man who reigns in life, over depression and hardship does so by the power of wisdom (Ecc 7:12, 7:12).



"21 Deeds Of A Fool"


The following are  21 deeds that children of light must never find himself operating in.   


Deed #1 

1.Existence Independently From God


The first foolishness in life is to live independent of God. Denying the existence of God, is to operate without taking counsel from God. It is foolishness to employ all your talent and time on earthly treasures, and not in eternal treasures by advancing God’s Kingdom.  

Shortage  in life is a product of existing independent of God

Any journey that does not involve God, does not have a good destination   

God does not involve Himself in a Mission He did not Commission

Any step taken outside of God in marriage, ministry, career, or friendships is a step into disaster 

Earth is not a good place to Invest in Eternity. Only the Kingdom of God is



Deed #2 

2. Living Without A Vision 


The second foolish thing people do is to live life without a future plan. Preparation for the Future – is wisdom (Matt 25:1-10, Gen 41:30). When you are young, you have strength but the young man who does not take this into consideration as he grows older soon discovers he does not always have the same endurance.


When a man lives with a future in mind, he operates with wisdom in the Present (Psm 90:12).



Deed #3 

3. Hatred For Progress 


The third foolish thing a child of God should never be known for is hatred for progress or success, especially in others. There are some people you will come across in life, that cannot stand to see your progress.   They are "fighters of success!"  You cannot despise and restrict the progress and success in another, yet pray to God for progress and success your own life.


What you attack you cannot attract

What you fight will flee from your life

What you hate you cannot have

Until you make your boss a success, you have no business asking God to make you one!

Until you make your man of God and his house a success  you have no business asking God to make you success

Your success is through sowing seeds of goodwill to the associations of increase God has planted in your life

Anytime you see success -celebrate it, support it! sow into it for your own success

Whatever success gets uprooted from your life, through the hatred of others, can never be planted in theirs!



Sow a seed or make a donation for any amount. Your generosity enables me to keep writing.

God bless you! 


Deed #4 

4. Living Above Counsel 


To live above counsel is foolishness. Each time you find yourself having to make an important decision in life for instances; when applying for a new job, change a job, buy a home, sell a house, get married, join or leave a Church always seek counsel first. The Problem with some people they live in the realm of the inadvisable.  Even if they are making a mistake and you try to advise them, they are impervious to counsel.


Even if they are making a mistake and you try to advise them, they are impervious – to counsel!

They are what the Bible calls: "unadvisable!"

They are what the Bible calls: "unadvisable! (Pro 12:1, Prov 28:26).

Humility appreciates correction Arrogance despises advise (Prov 15:12).

Any vision that cannot receive correction is a frustration in disguise

You can never attain what you desire by following yourself 

If someone is doing something at least 10 times better than what you are trying to achieve once.  They are worth your pursuit



Deed #5

Entering Transactions Without Proper Knowledge

To enter any manner of agreement, deal, contract, covenant,  without full knowledge of it, is a foolish thing to do. Proverbs 13:6 says,  "Every prudent man deals with knowledge but a fool layeth open his folly.” To be prudent is to "have a good sense of dealing with practical matters", it is also  to “exercise the good judgment of a thing before getting involved." 


Prudence is a major prerequisite for entering into any type of contract

Passion must always be equalized with prudence

Before you enter into any deal, you should seek the wisdom of people who are wiser than you, a lawyer, a parent, a pastor.



See continuation on the next blog post of the 21 Deeds of a Fool.



Culled from the 21 Deeds of a Fool. A Message by Dr Shan Thumbran, October 2017.    


God has a grand plan for His Church, but much more fascinating is the fact that He has a plan for each member of His body. You are not created to roam about in life purposelessly.




Where there is no vision, the people perish; but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.

Proverbs 29:18 21st Century King James Version (KJ21)



God has a grand plan for His Church, but much more fascinating is the fact that He has a plan for each member of His body. You are not created to roam about in life purposelessly. You are designed for a specific purpose. But your placement in the grand master plan of God is located by vision. Vision is the foundation of life!





  1. It is very important that you discover God’s plan for your life, because, vision puts an end to a life of struggles.

  2. You are designed to perform best at that assignment you are created to perform.




  1. Vision shows you the Promised Land of God for your life BUT God’s guidance is required to enable you to arrive there ( Exodus 13:21- 22).

  2. Until you are guided by the One who created you and knows the way, your life’s purpose may never be realized.



  1. Vision is a tool for finding: Direction, Focus, Inspiration, Wisdom, and Resources. The visionless are void of the above.

  2. What happens outside for you, must first happen inside you. If you want to be resourced outwardly you must first be resourced inwardly. But it all begins with vision!



  1. Just like an aircraft will crash without a compass, a person’s life will crash if he does not have a clear direction of where he is going.

  2.  Where you face determines where you end. If you don't like where your life is heading, change what you looking at!

                          Sow A Seed of Any Amount 





1. In Christianity, we have many Ambitious believers, but we don’t have many Visionary Believers (Phl 2:2-3).

2. Ambition is what one looks forward to achieving by themselves for themselves. Vision is what one looks forward to achieving with God for people!

3. Vision is not ambition!



1. Situation is the “direction ” that arrives as a result of what, one is going through at a particular time of their life.

2. A low season in you ministry or business is no indication that "God has changed your vision.

3. Vision is not situational!



1. Reaction is in most cases is an act of insubordination or an overestimation of oneself.

2. Many Christians today find themselves in what they are doing simply because of what they detested in some: People, Places or Protocols.

3. Vision is not reactional!



1. Confirmation is seeking the affirmation of others in deciding what steps to take in life.

2. When you have the ordination of god you don't need the confirmation of men (Gal 1:15-16).

3. Human confirmation is, confusion in disguise. God’s Revelation is Convicted Confidence and Peace!

4. Stop being led by men; rather, be led by God (Psalm 85:8).

5. Vision is not confirmation!




1. There is a difference between God leading you to associate with someone and God Commissioning you to someone or someplace.

2. Often people who associate, partake of the Grace of a certain ministers life and that is often confused for vision but it is not ( 1 Sam 10:11).


I know this message has blessed you. Please share it with someone you care for.




It is true, “The World’s Most Powerful Leadership Principle”  is found in this simple audacious truth: invest in the search for the right people, convert them into teams who catch the vision, and execute the strategy and goals to RUN with the vision.



This principle applies to both businesses large and small, that for-profit or non-profit.


But here’s the SNAG,


…one of the most frustrating challenges a visionary leader will have to combat in the organisation is the battle against mediocrity.

Mediocrity means settling for less. Mediocrity means the inevitable departure of the best. The best team members, the best customers. An eagle leader serving under a pigeon leader will soon frustrate himself.


I’ve been leading an organisation for close to fourteen years. A challenge that continues to threaten the vision is the mediocrity factor. One of the greatest leadership challenges I continue to find myself experiencing occurs each time I decide to raise the standard of excellence. Resistance and resignations seem to be the snappy comeback of the mediocre.

Excellence repels mediocrity just as mediocrity drives away excellence.

Leaders who once operated in the highest degree of excellence became mediocre in the current context. Today’s excellence is tomorrow’s mediocrity. Therefore it’s important to keep pushing those mental boundaries.

Life by nature is progressive. Tomorrow’s expectations should make you dissatisfied with your current situation.

However, excellence is not achieved by many because it’s the potency of our character that makes it possible. Passion in everything we do is also important. Passion is the foundation of excellence.

Do you exude character?

Are you a person of passion?

Do you complete your work with quality?

Are you surrounding yourself with people who provoke aptitude and attitude in you?

Do you attack inconsistency and mediocrity on the spot?


Being good has never been good enough. We should continually exceed anticipations and raise the bar of excellence.

Most people think “good enough” is acceptable, but a person of excellence refuses to limit his expectation of life and business to just “good enough.”

I made a promise to myself; I refuse to be “just good enough.”

Excellence is the attitude on you that brings out the best in you. It’s the key to reveal your brilliance and give you exposure.

Success is not a miracle, it’s a product of the quality of work done right.

The battle against mediocrity is one you need to fight continually.

Fight against a mediocre state of mind.

Fight against mediocre behaviours.

Fight against mediocre beliefs.

Vision is the actualization of the ultimate purpose God has for your life. It is a mental picture in high definition of the future.


Arise, walk through the land in the length of it and in the breadth of it; for I will give it unto thee.

– Genesis 13:17


However, it is one thing to possess a vision, and it is another thing to ensure the realization of it. Vision is reduced to mere “DAY DREAMING ” when it is not achieved. Therefore, to achieve any vision, there is the “Visionaries Responsibility.”


Makes a visionary accountable to vision. It is the role played by the visionary to ensure the actualization of his vision for life. Responsibility annoys the directionless but fuels the realization of a vision. No matter how big your vision is, if you do not take the responsibility, the vision can never be realized or fulfilled.

Consequentially, nothing works out until it is walked out.

Dear friend, discover destiny and take responsibility for the fulfillment of your vision.

Remember this, nothing works out until it is walked out.

Make a quality decision today to take the responsibility necessary for fulfilling your vision. Never compromise or postpone the divine mandate and course of actions required to bring about the manifestation of God’s purpose for your life. Act now!


O LORD, I ask for the grace to clarify my future and take responsibility for the fulfillment of my life’s vision. Help me LORD to take action for the manifestation of Your purpose for my life in Jesus’ Name.



Have you ever stopped to think about the profound mystery of the Birth of Jesus Christ? Although many people, even unbelievers, have heard the story of Jesus’ birth, its real mystery may be missed because of that familiarity with the “story”.


The birth of Christ was not the ordinary birth of an ordinary man.



“Where is the newborn king of the Jews? We saw his star as it rose, and we have come to worship him.” (Matthew 2:2).


When children are born, hospitals usually register their births. When Jesus was born, a star registered His Birth. His birth AFFECTED nature because it was registered in the celestial. Notice this saying of the wise man “We saw his star as it rose…”


How Does His Birth Affect You Today?

Far from only a historical fact, the supernatural power of His Birth is the power that impacted all creation.

It is stated in Lukes 1:35 -Jesus was conceived by the Power of the Most Highest.

That is, the same power can be seen demonstrated when Jesus performed His first miracle, that altered an order of nature chemically – the molecular structure of water became that of wine; that is, He rearranged water molecules H2O to C6H12O6.

In the event where anything natural tries to rebel against the purpose of God for your life, Jesus Christ can rearrange it.

As born again child of God, the same power of the Most High God is upon your life to conceive and give birth to the plans and purposes of God that will lead many unto salvation.

Never accept the report of the natural order of fallen things, they can be re-adjusted. If instance, when doctors say that your sperm count is low – remind him of a virgin who gave birth supernaturally! When the doctor says you have no fallopian tubes or that you have an ovarian cyst, let them know that the Power of the Most High is upon your life, therefore you can give birth to children regardless of any negative medical report.

When the devil wants you to follow the order of fallen things, tell him that there is a pattern set by God that does not follow dead bond destinies!

His Birth marked the most significant turning point in history.


Remember this: There is a pattern set by God that does not follow dead bond destinies! Expect something significant to touch your life today. Take a moment and meditate on the power of the Nativity of Jesus and ask God to demonstrate the same power in your life.


Make His Birth, meaning in your life today.
(Matthew 2:2, Luke 1:35)

If you cannot be instructed, you cannot be directed. Instruction prevents frustration, fatigue and failure in life and destiny. Perhaps you know someone who failed a test, not because of ignorance but because they failed to follow the correct instructions of the examination?


The book of Proverbs says wisdom cries out aloud and she raises her voice (Proverbs 1:20). People who cry or raise their voice are not happy.

Hear, my son, your father’s instruction, and forsake not your mother’s teaching, — Proverbs 1:8


Wisdom is not happy about the son or daughter who ignores her instruction or teaching.


Obedience to an instruction is the prevention of pain, the creation of pleasure, the birthing of favour and the generation of longevity.


Instruction is the bridge to the life you desire to have. Teaching is the steps you take to cross the bridge.

Solomon said to his son, hear your father’s teaching and forsake not your mothers teaching.

Both parents figures rear healthy children. An instructing father and a teaching mother are God’s compulsory gifts to your destiny.


What are the differences between instructing and teaching?

  • When I am instructing you, I am teaching you without an explanation. (The secret to receiving wisdom through instructions is trust and humility.)
  • When I am teaching you, I am instructing you with an explanation. Teaching is explaining how something is done. While instructing is telling you to do something.
  • An instruction provides foresight (direction).
  • A teaching provides insight.


Remember this:

An instructing father and a teaching mother are God’s compulsory gifts to your destiny.



Are you listening and obey the instructions and teachings of the wise?

What was the last instruction God gave you – have you followed through on it?


Prayer Confession:

Father, I will walk in obedience to your instruction and teaching in my life.



Obedience to an instruction is the prevention of pain, the creation of pleasure, the birthing of favour and the generation of longevity.

The tragedy of Christianity today is the difficulty in distinguishing a believer from an unbeliever because of similarities in habits and lifestyles. Lying, cheating, stealing, hating, offending… Beloved, for as long as you are not different from them, your destiny can never be different from theirs.

I walked into a Christian bookshop at a particular church one day to my astonishment it was guarded by security personnel and “beeper machine” at the door.

It is a calamity to change the standards of God to suit the lifestyle of an unfaithful believer. As children of God, we must be conscious of our conduct (Phillians 2:15.) It is devastating when a believers conduct, discourages others from God.

We are instructed to ‘come out from among them’ ( 2 Cor 6:17.) We are called to distinction. However, there is no distinction without separation. Conformity is the reason for calamity. Separation is the reason for elevation.

The question is, “come out from among whom to do what?” We are instructed to come out of the worldly system to live the life of righteousness.

In the book of 2 Corinthians 9:10 it says, “Now He who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food will supply and multiply your seed for sowing and increase the harvest of your righteousness;”

I wish to encourage you concerning the seven seeds, righteous people sow daily in their lives.


(1) Word Seed

The first seed you must sow daily is

-Word Seed.


In the book of 2 Timothy 4:2, Paul says, “preach the WORD; be ready in season and out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort, with complete patience and teaching”. This instruction is given to every believer! Be careful in replacing God’s Word with empty philosophies and catchy phrases that sound good but have no real power.

In 2 Timothy 3:16 Paul says, the Word is “profitable.” To profit from the Word, the light of the Word (“the entrance of thy Word brings light” Psalms119:113) must first enter into your spirit. A person does not get drunk by smelling alcohol, but by allowing it to enter his system. Likewise, many Christians read the Word, but don’t allow the Word to enter into their hearts. The reason for this is simple: they lack a genuine interest in the Word. Interest brings insight. People research and invest in what they are interested in.

Ask God to give you insight. The Word of God is the Wisdom of God.

Honourable people search out the scriptures (Proverbs 25:2).

Remember, it is not the Word that you read, but the Word that enters you, that changes you!



      (2) Praise Seed

The second seed you must sow daily is

-Praise Seed.


In Philippians 4:4 it says, “Rejoice in the Lord ALWAYS. Again I say rejoice.” We don’t rejoice for our hardship (or anybody else’s), we rejoice in our hardships.


David declared, “Then believed they his words; they sang his praise” (Psalm 106:12). People of faith are people of praise, not people of rage. Those who believe God rejoice; those who doubt God mourn. Whatever tenses you, fences you. What rages you, cages you.


The proof of a true believer is a lifestyle given to praise and worship. Father Abraham was not only a man of faith; he was a man of praise.

Romans 4:20 tells us that Abraham did not stagger at the promise of God through unbelief, but was strong in faith, giving glory to God.


People who praise have access to revelation. The four living creatures around the throne are described as having many eyes that are acquainted with revelation of the throne. (Revelation 4:6-11.) They are also known for praising and worshipping God, “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty, who was and is and is to come.” Anytime your praise level is low, it means you are down in faith. Depression is a faith killer. Depression is a Word-less disposition. It is impossible to be full of faith and be depressed at the same time. It is impossible to be full of the Word and be depressed at the same time.

True believers are uncomfortable with Word-less, praise-less and faithless people.

True believers rejoice in the truth that God is too faithful to fail!




(3) Love Seed

The third seed you must sow daily is a

-Love Seed.


Jesus commanded us to walk in love; firstly towards God, secondly, towards our neighbour. We love God with all of our heart, with all of our soul and with all of our mind. We love our neighbours as we love ourselves (Matthew 22:36-40).


Love for God decides how far you will go and how much you will achieve for God in the Kingdom.  To be a passionate lover of God is an indispensable quality. To love God is to place Him above anybody and anything.


Too many believers justify their lack of love for God with frivolous worldly reasoning: “I’m too busy with work,” or “I’m too busy with studies” …signifying a lack of passionate love for God – a justification for self-exhalation. Passionate love for God keeps us humble and available servants of the Kingdom.


Today, many children of God are very cold or lukewarm in their love towards God. Nothing about God moves them, but when you talk about sports, politics, a new dress, a new car, a husband or wife, they fire up and come alive.


In 1 Chronicles 29:3, Solomon says, “Moreover, because I have set my AFFECTION to the house of my God, I have of mine own proper good, of gold and silver, which I have given to the house of my God, over and above all that I have prepared for the holy house.” Wow! What a description of passion for God and His Kingdom!


Always keep your heart yearning for God, panting for His presence and passionate about His Kingdom. David loved God to the point of confronting a giant as a teenager.


Remember the seed of love you sow decides how far you will go and how much you will achieve for God in the Kingdom.



(4) Service Seed

The fourth seed you must sow daily is

-Service Seed.



The book of Acts 13:36 tells us, “For David after he had served his own generation by the will of God, fell on sleep, and was laid unto his fathers, and saw corruption.”

Notice the part that says “…was laid unto his fathers” – David was honoured at death because he invested his life as a servant of God.

Who is a servant of God? –The man who is not title or position driven! Some children of God will only tithe if they get pulpit recognition. Others will only serve if they are given a title to do so. In the second book of Philippians, it says concerning Jesus, “He laid down his title/s and position to become a servant; therefore God has exalted Him and given Him a great name”.

It is not possible to be proud and to be a servant simultaneously.

Be wary of attention seeking Christianity. Arrogant people draw attention away from God and unto themselves. Observe what happened to Herod the last time he took the glory of God “… Herod did not give praise to God, an angel of the Lord struck him down, and he was eaten by worms and died.”  (Acts (12:23)

Continue to serve silently in the house God planted you. Avoid idol people, talkers who try to discourage many gullible servants from their seeds of service at the cost of the anointing. The anointing is attracted to servants, not idol people. Nobody even heard about a man by the name of David, yet he was destined to be king because he was the only one willing to serve his father’s flock.

Ask God for a revelation of the spirit of humility.

Allow the Holy Spirit to neutralise every trace of the spirit of Lucifer (pride) in you.

Practice servant-hood through the house God has planted you in until God lifts you.


(5) Presence Seed

The fifth seed you must sow daily is

-Presence Seed.


The book of Hebrews 10:25 declares, “Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching” …a believer who neglects Church grieves the Holy Spirit.


A child of God who neglects a church service, a prayer service or any other church- related event because of tiredness or busyness has sinned against God and should seek the Lord for forgiveness. Anything that consistently takes you away from the cooperate presence of God becomes an idol in your life.


The seed of presence is being faithful to your commitments. The seed of presence is not forsaking the gathering of the Ecclesia. An honoured commitment is a manifestation of your esteem for the Holy Spirit. Imagine having an appointment to meet a person at a particular place and at a certain time, and you don’t pitch. You have a standing appointment with the Holy Spirit every Sunday!


If a believer works on a Sunday, he should believe God for a more honourable job that will enable him and his family to give thanks to God. Sadly, most Christians are more committed to making money and personal pursuit than they are to God and who they are created to be – which deserves their full commitment.


The most gifted person in the Kingdom, if unavailable for God, becomes the most useless person on earth, for the Kingdom. Your availability to God decides God’s availability to you. Your commitment to God decides God’s commitment to you. Why would God partner with uncommitted believers? Jesus commands us in Matthew 6:33, “But seek ye first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.” The Kingdom of God deserves the highest level of commitment. As a Christian, your commitment to God should be greater than your commitment to your office or business or anything else. This is because your primary assignment on earth is to be committed and dedicated to God, first!  Jesus was not impressed with the people who used business and relationships as a justification for their unavailability to attend to matters pertaining to the Kingdom (Luke 14:16:21-24.)


If children of God can only believe that dividends of dedication to God and His Kingdom far outweigh the cost of commitment to God and His Kingdom, many more children of God will become mature Sons of God walking in the fullness of the power of the blessing.

It is impossible to give God first place in your heart and emerge last in life.  There are mockers, some as close as your own flesh and blood who will ridicule you for seeking God presence. They will say, “You are wasting your life” …but there is no such thing as wasted service to God.

Isaiah 45:19 says “…‘Seek ye Me in vain.’ I, the LORD, speak righteousness; I declare things that are right.”


Remember, your commitment to God should be greater than your commitment to your office or business or anything else.

(6) Prayer Seed

The sixth seed you must sow daily is

-Prayer Seed.


Many children of God have it all wrong when it comes to prayer. The only time you will get some to pray is when they are in need. This is a huge mistake. Prayer is not forgetting, prayer is for communicating –with God.


In the book of Mark 1:35, it tells us that Jesus prayed alone, long and often. In Matthew 14:23, it tells us that He prayed alone at evening and at the close of a busy day. He prayed alone before choosing the twelve apostles (Lk. 6:12,13). He prayed alone after a busy day healing the sick (Lk. 5:15,16). He prayed alone three times before his betrayal in the time of his agony. Three times he prayed alone, “Thy will be done” (Matt. 26:39-44; Lk. 22:39-46).


Why would Jesus who co-existed with His Father pray? There are two reasons: Firstly to walk agreement and secondly to fellowship. As a man, He discerned the Will of the Father through prayer (John 5:19. Amos 3:3)   Jesus also prayed because fellowship is necessitated through communication, and prayer is that communication. A prayerless man cannot walk in harmony with heaven. A prayerless man is a contradiction of spiritual protocol.

In Ephesians 6:18 it says, “Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints.”


Paul would never have requested this of the church if he was not a man who “always prayed.” No wonder he was such a powerful Christian.


A life of fervent prayer connected Paul to such supernatural power, it says, “So that from his body were brought unto the sick handkerchiefs or aprons, and the diseases departed from them, and the evil spirits went out of them.” (Acts 19:12.)

The Word produces faith; prayer produces power. Your life will board to a new dimension of power through prayer.

Remember prayer is for communicating with God.

Through observing the protocol of prayer, demon busting power is made available to you

(7) Money Seed

The seventh seed you must sow daily is

-Money Seed.


Laws govern life and giving is a law. People who don’t know the laws of life end up low in life. People who know the rules end up ruling in life. In the Kingdom, quality seed is the key to ruling in life.


The Bible declares in the book of 2 Corinthians 9:6, “But this I say, He which soweth sparingly shall reap also sparingly; and he which soweth bountifully shall reap also bountifully.”


The law of giving works like farming. Quality seeding equals quality reaping. Every good farmer considers two factors: the quality of seed and the quality of soil. Both of these factors determine the quality of the harvest. In the same way, the quality of your giving affects the quality of your reaping.


How does one determine the quality of giving?

Firstly, giving must be motivated by pure love.

Secondly, give with a heart free of offence, envy and strife. The works of the flesh destroys the life of a seed.

Thirdly, give willingly and eagerly. Joyful giving is the fertiliser of your seed.

It is vital to receive the grace to sow correctly to reap abundantly.



My prayer is that you ask the Holy Spirit to enable you to live your life directed by these 7 Laws of Seed.

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