One of the most pondered upon subject, and discussion is on the Call of God. Every child of God is called to a specific ministry. My hope in this blog is for this mystery to open up.  As you read and discover; how God uses the calling as a part of His plan to build His Church, and if you have not heard from God yet concerning your calling, may it help you discover your calling. If you have received your calling, it will help you understand how God establishes you as a part of His Body, to advance His Kingdom.



The Need For A Burning Bush Encounter  



The Call of God, for every Christian leader is the point of revelation and the personal foundation for ministry. God inaugurates his chosen leaders through an encounter I like to refer as a;  "burning bush" experience.  (Exo 3:1-17).


Although our first call is to know Christ, we are also called, to serve His Body (The Church). Many never reached this point of revelation, simply because so few give away their lives to Christ and in service to His Church. The two are inseparable (Ephesian 4:12, Romans 12:5).





The Necessity of the Divine Call 


Unfortunately, there are many men who enter into the ministry, without receiving a divine call from God. Some have entered by presumption, others by noble motives. Through their failure and frustration, these have discovered that victory in the ministry hinges upon the initial call of God.


There are many scriptural examples describing so-called leadership without the call of God. The essence remains the same; leaders going fort on their own initiatives, without the Lord's sending (John 1:6), these men have not only failed but are the cause of "schism" (detachment) within the Body of Christ ( 1 Cor 12:25).



Just because a man holds a title; MD, or CEO, or has few expensive suits in his closet, and tons of cash in his bank account; does not make him a "Pastor" or a "Bishop."


There are many leaders with the titles "Pastor" or "Bishop,"  – who don't Shepard a flock (or is submitted under a "set-man"), or overseer a region of local assemblies. Imagine if a person calls him a lawyer, or gynecologist when they are not. What problems would they create in the world?  This is a common problem, particularly in Africa, and it needs to stop.




God Rejects False Leadership


Leaders without a divine call have ended in ruin, and many people of God's people have suffered for it. In the Bible, it is considered a very serious offense to presume any ministry office without a divine calling. No man has ever entered or exited the presence of God without a divine instruction (Exodus 3:5). In the same was it is presumptuous for a person to say, "I'm a

Pastor, or a Bishop…" when God has not said so.



Three Ways To Appoint A Man 


First,  God appoints a leader (Moses)

Second,  Man appoints a leader (Saul)

Third, Man appoints himself (Korah)  




In the world, there are many self-appointed and man appointed by few God-appointed

leaders. Let's consider the difference.



Self- appointed Leadership 



A self-appointed leader in the Kingdom is always a product of rebellion. His position into a spiritual office is self-instated, not God appointed.


Korah, is a good example of this pattern, a self-appointed leadership:


  1. Causes others to rise up against spiritual leadership (Num 16:2).
  2. Publicly criticizes murmurs and questioned legitimately appointed leadership  (Num 16:3, 11).
  3. Accuses divinely appointed leadership (Num 16:3).
  4. Craves for power and position (Num 16:10).



The apostle Jude in the New Testament warns us that in the last days,  three types of false ministries will arise: Cain, Balaam, and Korah (Jude verse, 11).




Man-appointed Leadership 


Man appointed leadership, will argue with you they have received their call from God, but the call is by the authority of human vessels, who operate outside of the unction of Holy Spirit.


Man appointed leadership is the most common of all leadership. There is a strong trend towards humanism in the world which has also penetrated the ranks of the Church. This humanist spirit is man-centered, it's foundation is in human wisdom, and it has seduced countless of believers.

Its' reliance is in academic degrees, training, and education. Education and training are good, but it can never replace the call of God which alone brings the power of faith and the anointing.

The Church today, does not need man-made, man-called, man-trained – leadership. Man called leadership look into the ministry from a "professional" perspective (like a dentist, or a psychologist) looks at his career. Ministry is not a career, it is a calling – under the unction of the Power of the Holy Spirit.

Man-made leaders address the masses the world over, whom never had a personal encountered with God or the Holy Spirit.

The first King of Israel, (Saul) was an example of a man-appointed leader ( 1 Sam 8-10). In the Book of 1 Samuel 8:1-4, we find Saul appointing his own sons as judges of Israel. Which is usually the case, a "family business," not God's Business.


A man-made styled leadership will:


  1. Appoint people to ultimately serve himself and his own agenda not the Kingdom  (1 Sam 8: 11).
  2. His leadership temperament is harsh, driven, with no real compassion for people (1 Sam 8:16).
  3. Tithes and offering are usually invested in buildings, programs, TV that needs to be well "oiled" monthly. His impact of these projects far outweighs his impact on the lives of the people ( 1 Sam 8:17).


The keys phrase of this type of leader is " he will take." A man appointed leader is a taker. He will rob God's people of their destiny and steal from their generation. He is out to get what he wants at the expense of the flock.   He is not truly a shepherd but a hireling.




God-appointed Leadership 


A God-appointed leader is "called" or "separated" into the office and ministry of God (Num 1:50, Gal 1:15).

The call of God is at two equally important levels, governmental and congregational ministries.


Governmental and Congregational Ministries 

God called some men to govern His Body. In Eph 4:11,12, it says Jesus himself gave some to be…. The principle here is that only some men are called to governmental ministries.


Man is not only uniquely called but each is called in a unique way from what you may traditionally accept, for instance:


Abraham was called by God through the   Word of God, (Gen 12:1-5),


Aaron was called by God through Moses (Exo 3:13-17),


Joseph was called by God through the Word of the Lord in a dream (Gen 37:1-10),


Jacob was called by God through the hand of the Lord, from birth (Gen 25:22-26),


Moses  was called by God through the burning bush (Exo 3:1-6),


Samuel was called by God through hearing an audible voice (1 Sam 10:1,2),


David was called by God through a prophet Samuel ( 1 Sam 16:11-14),


Solomon was called by God through his father David ( 2 Chron 1:1-12),


The apostles Paul, Andrew, James, and John were called by God through the words fo the Lord Jesus Christ (Matt 4:18-22),


Timothy was called through his family upbring and the heart of his mentor Paul ( 1 Tim 1:2,18; 2 Tim 1,2;5,9 and 2:1).


Personally, I was God, though hearing the audible voice of God in 1998, "…I will sent you to Bible school and use you to start my church…"


Let us not judge, how God chooses hi man.



Equal Before God

Right now the church is over-reacting to the governmental ministries ( apostles, prophets; evangelists, pastors and teachers, Eph 4:11-16) and underemphasizing congregational ministries. This could perhaps explain why a medical doctor or a biochemist call himself a pastor.


There are many congregational ministers, who don't carry a governmental grace but are praying for God to visit them, to put them on the same "level" of a globe-travel apostolic minister.  This must nonsense must be corrected.  Every part of the Body is called but not necessarily to function in a governmental ministry.  The congregational grace is unctioned as a supportive ministry to the governmental grace. Can God use a congregational minister, as He uses a governmental mister – sure He can! But, when the primary focus of the congregational minister, is to function and operate exclusively as a  governmental minister, he is out of order, including any governmental minister who receives him or extends him "the hand of fellowship."



It is important to understand, everyone is called, some function as a shower of mercy, or a ministry of help, or hospitality, or exhortation, or financial support. Such a call is no less important. The ministry of help, including financial help, is just as important as the apostle (2 Tim 1:9, 2 Peter 1:10, 1 Cor 16:15).


The wisdom of God's calling is different parts to function in different positions as in the human body.


Ministry is not only for the select few. All Christians have a call to ministry. This does not mean every Christian should stand in public, or in the pulpit.  Do a quick needs analysis, of your Church, neighborhood, family, job, university, school – you may discover your ministry here.