Leaders take the initiative to make circumstances better, to increase levels of trust, communication, proficiency, productivity and profits.  Leaders is not about a position, a title or stature.

It is more about our willingness to steward our resources, relationships, and spheres of influence.

What have you received from God—Creativity? Wisdom? Energy? Favour? How are you using it to influence the world around you?

A 360 degree Leader leads in three directions: He or she leads ‘Up’ as they encourage and bless those above them and more importantly, lighten their leader’s load by being willing to do what others won’t.

Secondly, they lead across: as they contribute and a collaborator with leaders of leaders in the middle of an organisation. They help their peers achieve results; let the best idea win, and garner mutual respect. They develop and maintain credibility, and continually exert influence.

Lastly, a 360-degree leader leads down. They help people realise their potential, they become the strong role model, and encourage others to become part of a higher corporate vision. They stroll through the halls, transferring the vision, building relationships and rewarding for results.

Pray today for God, to open your eyes to the opportunities to make a difference in your spheres of influence. May the Spirit show you how to lead up, down, across, just as Jesus did, by serving in His Grace and for His Glory.