Wisdom the key to ruling in Life. Foolishness is the reason for hardship in life. You cannot operate in the world's system and simultaneously shine with the Light of Heaven. You cannot be the Head (Deut 28:1) on top of the worlds system using its wisdom.  We need to feed our spirit with food from another altitude. It was God's wisdom that distinguished: Joseph, Daniel, Abigail, and Jesus. It is God's Wisdom that will distinguish you.


Meditation Verse:

And wisdom and knowledge shall be the stability of thy times, and strength of salvation: the fear of the Lord is his treasure. (Isaiah 33:6.)




Wisdom is applied Information.  Having information or strategy without application is not wisdom. Knowing alone is not wisdom it is intelligence. Knowing what to do and to do it, that is wisdom. The man who knows what to do but does not do it is an intelligent fool.   A man who reigns in life, over depression and hardship does so by the power of wisdom (Ecc 7:12, 7:12).



"21 Deeds Of A Fool"


The following are  21 deeds that children of light must never find himself operating in.   


Deed #1 

1.Existence Independently From God


The first foolishness in life is to live independent of God. Denying the existence of God, is to operate without taking counsel from God. It is foolishness to employ all your talent and time on earthly treasures, and not in eternal treasures by advancing God’s Kingdom.  

Shortage  in life is a product of existing independent of God

Any journey that does not involve God, does not have a good destination   

God does not involve Himself in a Mission He did not Commission

Any step taken outside of God in marriage, ministry, career, or friendships is a step into disaster 

Earth is not a good place to Invest in Eternity. Only the Kingdom of God is



Deed #2 

2. Living Without A Vision 


The second foolish thing people do is to live life without a future plan. Preparation for the Future – is wisdom (Matt 25:1-10, Gen 41:30). When you are young, you have strength but the young man who does not take this into consideration as he grows older soon discovers he does not always have the same endurance.


When a man lives with a future in mind, he operates with wisdom in the Present (Psm 90:12).



Deed #3 

3. Hatred For Progress 


The third foolish thing a child of God should never be known for is hatred for progress or success, especially in others. There are some people you will come across in life, that cannot stand to see your progress.   They are "fighters of success!"  You cannot despise and restrict the progress and success in another, yet pray to God for progress and success your own life.


What you attack you cannot attract

What you fight will flee from your life

What you hate you cannot have

Until you make your boss a success, you have no business asking God to make you one!

Until you make your man of God and his house a success  you have no business asking God to make you success

Your success is through sowing seeds of goodwill to the associations of increase God has planted in your life

Anytime you see success -celebrate it, support it! sow into it for your own success

Whatever success gets uprooted from your life, through the hatred of others, can never be planted in theirs!



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God bless you! 


Deed #4 

4. Living Above Counsel 


To live above counsel is foolishness. Each time you find yourself having to make an important decision in life for instances; when applying for a new job, change a job, buy a home, sell a house, get married, join or leave a Church always seek counsel first. The Problem with some people they live in the realm of the inadvisable.  Even if they are making a mistake and you try to advise them, they are impervious to counsel.


Even if they are making a mistake and you try to advise them, they are impervious – to counsel!

They are what the Bible calls: "unadvisable!"

They are what the Bible calls: "unadvisable! (Pro 12:1, Prov 28:26).

Humility appreciates correction Arrogance despises advise (Prov 15:12).

Any vision that cannot receive correction is a frustration in disguise

You can never attain what you desire by following yourself 

If someone is doing something at least 10 times better than what you are trying to achieve once.  They are worth your pursuit



Deed #5

Entering Transactions Without Proper Knowledge

To enter any manner of agreement, deal, contract, covenant,  without full knowledge of it, is a foolish thing to do. Proverbs 13:6 says,  "Every prudent man deals with knowledge but a fool layeth open his folly.” To be prudent is to "have a good sense of dealing with practical matters", it is also  to “exercise the good judgment of a thing before getting involved." 


Prudence is a major prerequisite for entering into any type of contract

Passion must always be equalized with prudence

Before you enter into any deal, you should seek the wisdom of people who are wiser than you, a lawyer, a parent, a pastor.



See continuation on the next blog post of the 21 Deeds of a Fool.



Culled from the 21 Deeds of a Fool. A Message by Dr Shan Thumbran, October 2017.