What is “one fundamental mistake” most start-ups make? Unfortunately, most would-be entrepreneurs make the “one fundamental mistake” most entrepreneurs make in business is… they think they need money to start.

As important as money is, if you think you need cash before you can do anything in life, you will not do anything! 96% of people live from paycheck to paycheck only because they have not learnt what the 4% of the wealthy and successful both know and practice.

In this message, “Solomonic Secrets,” Dr Shan unravels the most profound life and business success principles based on secrets from the Bible that Jewish people practiced culturally, and therefore remain among the most successful people in the world.

If you are tired of struggling, if you know you are born for greatness and desire to break out of and live beyond life’s mundane routines, then this message is for you.

When we speak of the bible terms “justification” we are referring to “an act of God’s free grace, wherein he pardons all our sins, and accept us as righteous in His sight, on the ground of the righteousness of Christ, whereby He imputes to us, that we receive by (“Sola fide” ) faith alone.” The doctrine, “Justificatio Sola fide” which was championed by the Reformist Luther, is the Latin term, that illustrates, one of the central doctrines of the bible that claims, “even the worst kind of sinner, can receive the “imputation of Christ’s righteousness, by trusting in Christ and in the work of His Cross and Resurrection.”

This doctrine of Justification  is not only central in both the New Testament but to the Old Testament, and distinguishes Protestant or “reformed theology” from Catholicism, Eastern Orthodoxy … who believe,  that Christ’s Justification can be imputed, upon you by the “merits of the “saints” (why they believe in praying to the saints) or by your penance,  or good deeds. Now I cannot help myself but think about how this “idea” is not only one of the most erroneous “doctrines” in Church history  and still today is taught in the Church!  But the greatest clouding, undermining, or insult of the message of the purpose and power of the Cross!But, on the other hand, what could be said “against”  “Protestant theology” on the doctrine of  Justification by faith, is the following: It is not “only” proclaimed as a “Vertical Justification” but it is both a Vertical and a Horizontal Justification.

It means that when God saves a person by Grace  through faith, yes the person is saved into a “personal relationship with Him. But, God, at the same time saves a person  into a “Covenant community” or “kingdom culture” or into a “Holy and United Heavenly family.”