It is true, “The World’s Most Powerful Leadership Principle”  is found in this simple audacious truth: invest in the search for the right people, convert them into teams who catch the vision, and execute the strategy and goals to RUN with the vision.



This principle applies to both businesses large and small, that for-profit or non-profit.


But here’s the SNAG,


…one of the most frustrating challenges a visionary leader will have to combat in the organisation is the battle against mediocrity.

Mediocrity means settling for less. Mediocrity means the inevitable departure of the best. The best team members, the best customers. An eagle leader serving under a pigeon leader will soon frustrate himself.


I’ve been leading an organisation for close to fourteen years. A challenge that continues to threaten the vision is the mediocrity factor. One of the greatest leadership challenges I continue to find myself experiencing occurs each time I decide to raise the standard of excellence. Resistance and resignations seem to be the snappy comeback of the mediocre.

Excellence repels mediocrity just as mediocrity drives away excellence.

Leaders who once operated in the highest degree of excellence became mediocre in the current context. Today’s excellence is tomorrow’s mediocrity. Therefore it’s important to keep pushing those mental boundaries.

Life by nature is progressive. Tomorrow’s expectations should make you dissatisfied with your current situation.

However, excellence is not achieved by many because it’s the potency of our character that makes it possible. Passion in everything we do is also important. Passion is the foundation of excellence.

Do you exude character?

Are you a person of passion?

Do you complete your work with quality?

Are you surrounding yourself with people who provoke aptitude and attitude in you?

Do you attack inconsistency and mediocrity on the spot?


Being good has never been good enough. We should continually exceed anticipations and raise the bar of excellence.

Most people think “good enough” is acceptable, but a person of excellence refuses to limit his expectation of life and business to just “good enough.”

I made a promise to myself; I refuse to be “just good enough.”

Excellence is the attitude on you that brings out the best in you. It’s the key to reveal your brilliance and give you exposure.

Success is not a miracle, it’s a product of the quality of work done right.

The battle against mediocrity is one you need to fight continually.

Fight against a mediocre state of mind.

Fight against mediocre behaviours.

Fight against mediocre beliefs.