Imagine being armed with the knowledge to guide you when the person you’re dating says,”Will you marry me?” or “Let’s get engaged?”

This is what “dating readiness” is all about!

Here’s something else you may want to think through.

We’ve built successful businesses, written best-selling novels, summited mountains and given strangers accurate directions, yet, when we come face-to-face with someone attractive, somehow our minds go jelly on us.

Why is that?


I wish I could give you a straightforward answer—I can’t. There isn’t one! When it comes to people, it’s not like computer programming; it’s never clear-cut! Putting a person on Mars is easier than building a successful romantic relationship.

But if you are tired of going from one romantic catastrophe to another?

If are you keen to learn ways of cultivating your current relationship?

If getting the relational game right is important for you?

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If you cannot be instructed, you cannot be directed. Instruction prevents frustration, fatigue and failure in life and destiny. Perhaps you know someone who failed a test, not because of ignorance but because they failed to follow the correct instructions of the examination?


The book of Proverbs says wisdom cries out aloud and she raises her voice (Proverbs 1:20). People who cry or raise their voice are not happy.

Hear, my son, your father’s instruction, and forsake not your mother’s teaching, — Proverbs 1:8


Wisdom is not happy about the son or daughter who ignores her instruction or teaching.


Obedience to an instruction is the prevention of pain, the creation of pleasure, the birthing of favour and the generation of longevity.


Instruction is the bridge to the life you desire to have. Teaching is the steps you take to cross the bridge.

Solomon said to his son, hear your father’s teaching and forsake not your mothers teaching.

Both parents figures rear healthy children. An instructing father and a teaching mother are God’s compulsory gifts to your destiny.


What are the differences between instructing and teaching?

  • When I am instructing you, I am teaching you without an explanation. (The secret to receiving wisdom through instructions is trust and humility.)
  • When I am teaching you, I am instructing you with an explanation. Teaching is explaining how something is done. While instructing is telling you to do something.
  • An instruction provides foresight (direction).
  • A teaching provides insight.


Remember this:

An instructing father and a teaching mother are God’s compulsory gifts to your destiny.



Are you listening and obey the instructions and teachings of the wise?

What was the last instruction God gave you – have you followed through on it?


Prayer Confession:

Father, I will walk in obedience to your instruction and teaching in my life.



Obedience to an instruction is the prevention of pain, the creation of pleasure, the birthing of favour and the generation of longevity.

Thankfulness is the protocol for access. Ingratitude produces stagnation and will keep you at the same level in life.



Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise: be thankful unto him, and bless his name. – Psalms 11:4


Thankfulness is expressed through words. Gratitude is expressed through actions.


Whatever you are thankful for or grateful for – increases in your life.


It makes no difference how gifted you are -thankfulness magnetises people to you.

I heard Mike Murdock once say: If you look at you, you will become depressed. If you look around you, you will become critical. If you look behind you, you will become regretful. But if you look up to God, you will become thankful.

Thankfulness and gratitude begin when you focus on God. They are the tools to attract destiny lifters into your life.  Ruth maintained an attitude of gratitude despite her loneliness — a Boaz emerged! (Ruth 1:17).

It is unfortunate when we receive continuous blessings, opportunities and gifts from God or from our place of work, our place of worship, our parents or our pastor — our ability to appreciate seems to deteriorate.

Do not take for granted the company you work for which God is using to feed your family and school your children. Do not neglect your parents who nurtured you and raised you. Do not forsake your pastor who thought you the ways of God.

Seize the moment to show your thankfulness and gratitude. Do it swiftly, verbally, privately and publically.

Without these opportunities in our lives, we’d all still be blind and hungry. When Jesus restored blind Bartimaeus’s  sight, he “…immediately glorified God, and all the people when they saw it gave praise to God.” (Luke 18:43).

Unthankful people are contagious and dangerous. The root of jealousy or envy in their heart gives birth to unthankfulness in their lives. Their words destroy the honourable and kill their joy. They are militant about influencing others with their ingratitude! They are never content with being alone, sitting alone, eating alone because company fuels their ingratitude. The measure of a person’s character is revealed in the truthfulness of their gratitude.


God despises the ungrateful!


The Holy Spirit warns us, “let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth…” ( Ephesian 4:29). Allowing others to criticise anybody in your presence, destroys your reputation and image.

We are commanded to refrain from the company of the ungrateful ( 1 Corinthians 15:33).

God will take away the person or thing you are not thankful for (Deuteronomy 28:47:48).


Remember this:

Thankfulness and gratitude begin when you focus on God.



  1. Recognise the people who have invested in you. It could be a parent, a pastor or a boss. What is your plan to let them know they are appreciated?
  2. When you think about all that God has blessed you with, perhaps its a job, a spouse, a home. Or maybe God has healed you from a disease or miraculously saved your life at birth. How will you express your thankfulness to Him both privately and publically?


Prayer Confession:

Father, I am thankful to you for every single blessing known and unknown in my life.


Whatever you are thankful for or grateful for – increases in your life.

Wisdom is not an option but life’s greatest necessity. Wisdom is not a luxury but an essential commodity of life.

A life without wisdom is destined for stagnation, frustration and destruction.

Wisdom is necessary for effective living and destiny fulfilment.


Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore, in all thy getting, get wisdom… – Proverbs 4:7


There are various forms of wisdom.  There is wisdom for acquiring wealth and managing resources. Wisdom is required for; marriage, parenting, business, etc.


Wisdom is the presence of strategy and the cure for struggle.


Joseph successfully solved the food crises of Egypt (Genesis 41:39, 46). Wisdom is the solution to every problem you’re facing right now. Wisdom means less labour and more favour. Wisdom is to rise above life’s challenges.

One man can be cast down but another elevated because he possesses wisdom. The same flood that sank the world lifted Noah (Genesis 7:1-10).

As you seek the wisdom of God; expect it to elevate you and distinguish you!

Remember this: 

Wisdom is necessary for effective living and destiny fulfilment.



1.Invest in wisdom, by pursuing the Presence of God and studying wisdom literature.

2.Leave the company of the unwise and cleave to the company of wise people.


Prayer Confession:

Father, I ask for wisdom against every struggle and problem in my life. I believe I receive right now in Jesus name amen!


Wisdom is the presence of strategy and the cure for struggle.

Successful dating includes more than just improving a practical skill. For example, most people who practice a sport eventually become competent at it. Dating, however, does not work that way. Not at all!

I remember the day I messed up my first French kiss. I managed to bite her tongue! Yet, the more I practiced the more I improved. However, the same cannot be said of dating.

The irony about dating is that frequency does not improve competency.

Much of your happiness in life will depend upon this choice. Either you understand the rules of successful dating and enhance the chances of romantic success, or you continue to gamble with your internal peace.
Going from commitment to commitment and repeating the same painful mistakes only deepens emotional scarring and shapes an unhealthy psychological disposition, which inevitably threatens all other prospects, including marriage.

Stop gambling with your romantic life,

“Either it works” or “it doesn’t work”   is an approach to dating you need not take!

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Understanding the secrets to relational success is critical for relational success!

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