A man should be looking for a helpmate, not a mate to help. These are two entirely different things. The Bible tells us that he who finds a wife finds a good thing.  It doesn’t say that every woman qualifies as a good wife.


So what are some of the qualities that you should be looking for in a wife?  As Relational Coaches, my wife and I have been talking on the subject of Dating, Courtship and Marriage for more than a decade. We are passionate to help and see couples succeed in marriage.

I’ve managed to compile a list of 10 types of women men should NEVER marry. (Also see my article 10 TYPES OF GUYS TO PUT ON YOUR DO NOT DATE LIST)

10 Women Men Should Avoid


1. Deva Deborah


“It’s all about me” or “I’m the first and the last and the in between” – this is the motto of this kind of woman.

As a Godly man, you have direction and a vision for your life, right?  But I’m telling you Mr, if you marry a Deva Deborah, you will waste your life and your God given gifts fulfilling the vision of this woman.

Find a helpmate who will help you get to the place God has planned for you both. I’m truly blessed to celebrate a wife who supports my God given destiny.



2. Dominator Donna


God has established order; this woman doesn’t respect it. She believes God’s word is “old fashion” so she makes her own rules.

For this reason, she wears the pants and won’t stop trying until she has you wearing the skirt.

Don’t just walk away from this woman — drink 13 red bulls and fly!



3. Controlling Candice


What’s disguised as “I just care about you” is really the need for manipulative control or a heart poisoned by morbid jealousy.

Controlling Candice dominates as she strives to own your life. She makes decisions for you, especially with regards to whom you choose as friends. She can get so bad, she even decides from the menu what you will eat tonight.

She will constantly check up on you or falsely accuse you of cheating on her.

Can I “trust you” seems to be all that you talk about because of her ominous need for control.

This woman is worse than a rotten onion, she will suffocate and choke the love out of your heart.


4. Bible Bashing Bobby


Oh, she can quote the Bible better than anyone else, including the One who wrote it.  God speaks “ONLY TO ME!” -she thinks.

She is heavenly minded and earthly no good. She may know the Bible and have great knowledge, but she lacks the pearls of wisdom.

God created sex for procreation and ENJOYMENT, she’ll without sex from you because she is “fasting.”

Bible Bashing Bobby is exhausting, draining and has no joy or sense of humour. If she laughs, her face would crack. Her comfort comes only from one place, the law of the Lord.


5. Curvy Candy


This is the woman most men are drawn to. She’s built like a 1968 Ford Mustang; she has all the right curves in all the right places -sexy!


just like the “trophy of the year” that’s only good for about a year and then it goes to the next best thing that comes along -this is what she is like.

I’m not saying your wife shouldn’t be attractive, this is important for most men.

Just make sure that looks aren’t the only thing that attracts you to hear, because, although a trophy will lose its shine over time, what’s on the inside -never will.

Unless God can change her heart; the woman who loves to flirt with strangers, waiters and even your friends, is not marriage material!

That last thing you want is to be married to someone who will deliberately flirt with people in front of you, let alone behind your back.

If you thinking of marrying a Curvy Candy – I suggest you think again!



6. Prideful Peggy


This woman has to have the best of everything—best car, biggest house, name-branded clothing. This woman is weight; she will weigh your spirit down and eventually crush your marriage.

Her identity and self-worth are wrapped up in things. Consequentially she constantly compares what she has to what others have.

She will drive a man into debt because enough will never be enough. If you hear her constantly comparing herself to others, keeping this woman happy will feel like a root canal without anaesthetic!


7. Faulty Felicia


This woman never shuts up!
She finds faults in everything and in everyone.  Over time she will sound like a leaking roof that never stops -anonying!



8. Addicted Alicia


This woman lives in the past, looking in the rearview mirror of life.

Her life’s anthem is the song of defeat “somebody did me wrong” she sings to everybody and anybody who will listen.

She’s like a ‘sushi train’ – she continually rotates her failures and losses of life.

Often this woman will battle addictions, whether it’s drugs, alcohol, promiscuity or food. Her pains will become your worst nightmare.

Remember you are looking for a helpmate, not a mate to help.


9. Paranoid Pricilla


This woman is afraid of everything—afraid to speak, afraid to drive, afraid to fly, afraid to try anything new.

Sir, believe me, “Paranoid Pricilla” will hold you back from becoming the gift you were meant to be.

This doesn’t mean a woman can’t balance a man to keep him from being reckless. Often a woman is a great discerner and can sense things that men overlook.

But Paranoid Pricilla is the woman who can never go beyond her comfort zone, she’s a creature of habit. She is obsessed with tragedy, illness, and talks of disasters and sickness as if it is something to expect.

10. Lazy Lucy


You will know she is a “Lazy Lucy” when her house is a dirty mess and her car smells like a dump site – even worse.

She is also the type of woman, who doesn’t take care of herself in any way. Her hair is not washed and combed – and smells as if she uses compose hair-fertilizer.   Her clothes are not ironed, her shoes still have the discounted labels on its soles. This woman is too lazy to care! Hygiene is a matter of a burden, not a matter of virtue.

Laziness is sinful according to the Bible.

If she doesn’t have a healthy love for herself, she won’t be able to love you correctly!


Finally,  because women tend to be just a whole lot more complicated than men, I’ve decided to a BONUS point –Number 11!


11. The Gold-digger


She’s the woman who loves your wallet, more than your heart. If it wasn’t for your bank account, and credit cards, you’d never stand a chance – believe me!

Stay away from a woman who is only interested in what your salary can buy her.

Yes, she’s a Colour Me Bad -A money-taker and a heartbreaker… You don’t want to be married to someone you have to pay a premium to, to get your attention or to give you some affection.

She is the type of a woman who will not be there for you when you no longer can satisfy her physical needs.

This type of a woman will NEVER find true love, because of her materialistic heart.



Disclaimer: Any name associated with this list is not associated with a person I personally know. Any connection is purely coincidental.